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Aggressive Inline Package Art
  Z Axis
  Acclaim AKA

Aggressive Inline

Wow! This game is a shocker. Acclaim’s AKA division took what appears to be the Dave Mirra engine and applied the Xtreme sport of inline skating to it. The synergy exuded between the engine and the sport is apparent immediately; the game play in Aggressive Inline really makes it stand out from the pack. Not only is this game a fun experience for any gamer (even those ready to puke at the mention of another “X”game), but it’s also damn challenging. Do I recommend a purchase? Well, imagine you are on a hot date (I know it’s tough). You’re on the way back to your house, things are looking hot, and then suddenly you realize your girl isn’t the only thing that needs “protecting”. Apply the same logic of “must have” here.


Very nicely done, to say the least. Most environments are massive, and the view is excellent in terms of sight line. Moving objects like busses, cranes, etc. contribute to an environment that is also completely interactive.

The character modeling is excellent, too; all of the player’s movements look believable and animate realistically. Collision detection is not a problem. As for the physics, you’ll see t-shirts and other objects flap in the wind as you skate, and most importantly, the female skaters’ jugs bounce harder than a plate at a Greek wedding. Acclaim even made sure to include a Britney Spears-clone for all of you rosy palmers out there. Be sure to flip a half pipe and mind her gap when you’re doing a 180 flip.

Nice work overall here. The Mirra engine really works with the sport of inline skating.


A very good soundtrack backs up the solid visuals and game play of Aggressive Inline. You know when Eric B. starts bustin’ out with “Don’t Sweat the Technique,” life is good. Suffice it to say I’m impressed with the in-game music.

As for the sound effects, the grinding resonates distinctly, and the other periphery noises—from things like cars driving by and thuds on the half pipe—are good, too. One really cool thing I like is the interaction with the bystanders. They always seem to have a witty comment to offer. In particular, the cameraman is a piss and a half. Screw up and listen for his comments. Nicely done.


Fast, fun, and believable. What else can you ask for? This sport is all about speed, and Acclaim has captured that essence effectively.

The levels feature many challenges that must be accomplished in order to unlock even more levels and goodies. You can also be challenged by the aforementioned bystanders to do certain tasks, which typcially involve scoring a certain amount of points in a specific time frame and the like. The nice thing about Aggressive Inline is that you can get by doing the bare minimum, but if you want a true challenge, it’s there for the taking. There are some really difficult tasks, but you’ll want to do them because it’s fun. With some tasks, if you’re not sure what to do, you can just press X and a camera fly-by shows what needs to be accomplished. This goes a long way in keeping things simple for the player.


It’s disappointing to see that most developers aren’t taking advantage of the four-player ability in the Cube. Aggressive Inline is only a two-player game, but the multi-player modes are fun and challenging all the same.


Aggressive Inline is a great purchase that will keep you busy playing for days on end. Lots of replay value, lots of fun, lots of bouncing breasts. This is no Tony Hawk-stale-ass-been-there-done-that type of game; this game is fresh, fun, and fast. Even if you’ve had it with the whole Xtreme genre, you’ll enjoy Aggressive Inline. A really good job by Z Axis and Acclaim. Nice work.

final score 9.0/10

Staff Avatar Eric Mattei
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"Lost like tears in rain"

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