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F1 2002 Package Art
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F1 2002

In a word: Disappointing. Terribly disappointing. I havenít had the displeasure of being exposed to this series before its release on the GameCube. Being an F1 fan, when I finally got to play this game, I have to say I was bitterly let down. EA Sports F1 2002 is a sub-par game that lacks graphical, auditory and gameplay finish. To say that I think this game should go back to the drawing board would be as understated as saying a full-force kick in the nuts only stings for a second.


F1 World Grand Prix on N64 is one of the greatest F1 games ever made. It was an N64 masterpiece and you know what? In graphical detail, it Ike-Turner-bitch-slaps EA Sportsí F1 effort all over the ring and then brings it on home with more left hooks for measure. Some examples: The brakes glow when heated in F1WGPís game, whereas in EAís effort, the smoke from your tires is so pathetically done that you might think your skidding over belly button lint dipped in liquid sugar. Sad.

EA tries to add details like pulling a saran visor off your helmet but what driver does that every five seconds, to the point where he canít see the damned road?!? The environments are bloody awful with sprite trees and some brutal nasty graphics. This game has little to no visual appeal. Worst of all, you canít see the turns as they race towards you. You have to rely upon the annoying visual HUDs. This is the biggest sin of any racing game. Oh hey, how about cars bouncing around like paper plates in the wind when you make contact with them? Shame on EA for such a bad port of a poor-looking PS2 game.


Brutal. You have a curious growl from your vehicle that sounds like a shitter rolling down the back stretch at Hockenheim. The engine noise is respectable but in no way over-powers the RPM screeches. The pit communications are absolutely useless. Honestly, how many times do you need to know where your teammate is in relation to you? Or if Bernoldi is coming hard behind you like a sugar daddy in a prison jail?

You do hear the crowd screaming away in the background as you pass them and you hear things like tires screeching and blah blah blah, everything is just washed out and unremarkable. Again, Iím disappointed at EA Sports effort here.


Forget going back to the drawing board. Go to the drawing board manufacturer and ask them to re-acquire the raw materials to handcraft a drawing board. The game is absolutely brutal. The AI of opponents is laughable and predictable. The feel of the car in Simulation Mode is so unbalanced that it feels as if you're Mickey Rourke driving a block of ice down a breast in the movie Nine and a Half Weeks.

F1 2002 has a challenge mode where you collect points and unlock bonuses such as tracks that should be available to you anyway, a domination mode and a teammate domination mode, but you know what? All of them are victims of the deficient game play experience. You can have a zillion game modes and bonus things to unlock but if the game itself has poor AI, drives like crap, and is just outright sub-par... who really cares?

Having said that, the interactive pitting is a nice idea that adds a curiosity to this game similar to eyeing a dismembered arm in the middle of road next to a car wreck. Try again EA.


Iím too flustered to bother filling in this spot.


If youíve gotten this far, you can figure out what I think of this game. It stinks. Itís not fun, itís not challenging, it is sub-par. Iíve been pining away at EA to bring their sports line up to the Cube and I canít wait to play their outstanding hockey title. But this title doesnít even scratch the surface of what the Cube can do, let alone what a quality game should be. Itís as sub-par as any other knockoff sports title out there, and I hold EA Sports in a higher regard than that. My advice? Stop porting games from a clunky PS2 platform and begin life anew with this game. F1 is a huge and growing sport; it deserves better than this mediocre effort.

final score 5.5/10

Staff Avatar Eric Mattei
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"Lost like tears in rain"

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