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Super Monkey Ball 2 Package Art

Super Monkey Ball 2

The sleeper hit of the Cubeís launch returns to sneak in under the Mario Sunshine radar with another stellar effort. What a brilliant game that does what every video game should, entertain you for hours on end. Add to that, the prodigal multiplayer of this game and damn, what a piece of arse this game is! If thereís one thing that Segaís mastered, itís the super fun, play it whenever you want genre. As a throwback to marble madness this game is an absolute pleasure to play and Iím saying that if I had Mario and this on the store wall, it would be hard to choose between the two. Super Monkey Ball 2 is that good.


Functional and impressive. There may not be a billion polygons on the screen but these graphics work even in the most hair raising multiplayer battles. You wonít have any camera troubles in the single player games either. All of the front end works well and simply. Simple, effective and forceful. Great stuff.


Hereís where things get a bit low. The voices of the characters can sometimes become a bit of a pain in the ass. Every time the ball bounces you hear a ďouchĒ ďohĒ or something annoying. Also, this game would really take right the hell off if it was accompanied by a killer soundtrack. Instead, Sega has opted to go with traditional video game fluff audio. Not a smart move.


The stuff of legend. This single player game has 150 levels with a story mode where you have to get all the bananas back from Dr. Bad Boon (love it!). Each level features its own twist and unlike most drivel these days, Monkey Ball 2 can get to be a real challenge. A great job improving the original!


Once again, legendary! With new modes of multiplayer play and some wickedly simple control schemes, you can have hours of fun with your friends. This game is definitely one of the best party games out there. A brilliant multiplayer effort.


Why not buy this game? You simply canít get bored of it and itís literally fun for all of your friends and family. How can you go wrong at all? Itís a wicked game. Super Monkey Ball 2 gets two balls up in my opinion.

final score 9.1/10

Staff Avatar Eric Mattei
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"Lost like tears in rain"

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