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M&M's Kart Racing Package Art
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M&M's Kart Racing

The Mario Kart series has been cloned numerous times. Many franchises have thrown their characters behind a go-kart, right down to Star Wars with Super Bombad Racing. While success can be born from this formula, as the case with Diddy Kong Racing, M&M's Kart Racing is a complete failure.


These M&Ms may make you sick to your stomach. The game ineptly uses a 3D game engine that constantly displays blurry textures, horrendous draw distances and a complete lack of creativity. Courses may theoretically vary from a snow level to an alien spaceship, but each twist and turn looks nearly identical. Most often, you will see a murky racetrack surrounded by a bit of grass and a few obstacles. Luckily, the bottom screen showcases a map; otherwise, players would not know their location.


Do not wear headphones playing this title, as this could quite possibly be the worst audio on Nintendo DS. The shrieking, repetitive sound of your character shouting "Woo-hoo!" will drive you insane. If that is not enough, the same voice-over repeatedly plays for each character. Unfortunately, the soundtrack follows a similar suit; there is only one song, which plays for every track.


The agony continues with an absolutely dismal presentation. A putrid list of game options spans from tournament to time trial. Amazingly, time trial does not even record your time. Instead, this mode plays out in a timed-event race, as players must reach certain areas before the timer expires. From here, players will choose from a scrawny selection of five characters: red, yellow, blue, green and orange. These characters contain the same attributes, as the cars boast a variety of statistics.

Actual gameplay primarly revolves around traditional kart racing. Along with your driving abilities, players can pick up weapons. A homing missile, for example, will hit an enemy in front of you, while a blue barrel will drop an oil spill behind you. These weapons fail to make a huge impact on the races, as the rubberband A.I. will always surround you. In addition, enemies will never hit you with a rocket. Thus, the most important item to fetch is the bag of M & Ms because they keep you at maximum speed.

While racing, players will also notice an abundance of bugs. Players will sometimes pass right through an oil spill without consequences and occasionally get stuck inside barrels of straw during the Farm level. None of this seems to effect the AI, as players will easily pass through no matter what bugs they encounter. This reduces the best strategy for gamers, ironically, to playing as poorly as possible, because skill seems to have no bearing on the outcome whatsoever.

These bugs and flaws also ruin playability of the karts. While turning, the camera will rotate in the opposite direction. This gives the gamer an awful view at the wrong angle. Luckily, the collision detection is just as bad, so players will not have to worry about hitting another racer.

The physics engine within the game is pretty poor. Karts, for instance, will inexplicably stop after flying off a ramp. This lack of physics can lead to frustrating falls into holes and obstacles.


Five players can race with each other over local multiplayer. However, there is no single-cart download play, which is terribly irritating as it is seemingly impossible that anyone will have friends that each own a copy to play a game.


There are a thousand better ways for gamers to use their money instead of buying M&M's Kart Racing. For one, players could buy a huge pack of the delicious candy. You could also purchase the far-superior Mario Kart DS. Whatever you do, stay away from this title. The game sports awful controls, blurry graphics, a ton of bugs and mascots that have nothing to do with gaming. There is nothing sweet about this ride.

final score 1.7/10

Staff Avatar Evan Campbell
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"Real men don't fight they sing!"

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