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Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action  Package Art
DC Studios
Buena Vista Games

Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action

Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action for Nintendo DS is loosely based on the actual film, Chicken Little. Buena Vista Games took a reference from the actual film, a sequence where the young characters became adults in a sci-fi action flick, and created a full-fledged action game. Ace in Action proves that licensed games can still be different and enjoyable, despite whatever shortcomings they may have.


The best thing about Ace in Action is the fact that the game looks amazing, except for some severe repetition in levels. Despite this, each level is detailed to an astounding degree with plenty of enemy action and sweet looking explosions. The game sports a good variety of enemy models with varying degrees of motion and color. The different characters in the game use different modes of dispatching enemies and each of those -- a blaster gun, tank and space ship -- provide strong examples of why this game looks great. They each do their own thing and explode with great intensity.


Interestingly enough, the game's audio does not match up to the visuals. Most audio effects sound like they should with only the explosions really standing out from the rest of the bunch. The music is a bit bland and tasteless: I get the feeling that the developers tried to look for something heroic and sci-fi related, but it comes off a bit weird. Another key problem with the audio portion of the game is the clear lack of voice acting. A movie that features nothing but voice acting should have some voice acting in the game, even if it is only a DS title.


Ace in Action excels at providing non-stop intense action, while somewhat failing at delivering diversity. The three main characters are based on the adult versions of their younger movie counterparts. Ace runs and guns, Runt drives a tank and Abby fires from a spaceship. Each character has a few missions for you to enjoy, and each has their own pros and cons.

Ace's missions are probably the best to play. They feel repetitive at first, but things come full circle with a superb shooting experience. Since the game doesn't use the touchscreen, you will be moving Ace with the d-pad and shooting in different directions with the DS face buttons. It may feel awkward to shoot in different directions with different buttons, but you will find that it works best in Ace's situation because enemies will be popping in from all directions.

Runt's missions are not as exciting and intuitive, but they do offer some positive experiences. They are similar to Ace's in that they are land-based, and the enemies you face will be similar; but the action seems a bit disjointed, probably due to the fact that you use the same control scheme that you used for Ace. While that control scheme works fine with Ace, it doesn't really work well with Runt. The tank is slow, so having the tank fire weapons with four different directional buttons doesn't feel right.

Abby has some of the worst missions in the game. These are truly repetitive despite having an initial blast of fun. All of her missions seem rather pointless in the grand design of the game, almost like they were tacked on at the last minute to add more gameplay time. The controls are fine, but these missions are extremely hard to endure. It's too bad that you have to get through some of these to get to Ace's.




Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action is a great looking game with some intense and satisfying action. Despite some serious shortcomings with audio and gameplay, this game is an enjoyable title that any action fan can enjoy. Ace in Action is specifically catered to action fans, but they should be able to finish the game in roughly five hours. Even so, this game is worth its money and a potential sequel.

final score 7.3/10

Staff Avatar Allen Wagner
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"Princess Peach just got 10 times hotter!"

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