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Animal Crossing: Wild World Package Art
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Animal Crossing: Wild World

The town of Snickerd was originally called "Snickerdoodletown" when it was founded forty years ago. Later, people decided that the town's original name was just too darned long, and so, as you might have guessed, they shortened it to "Snickerdoodleton." A few years after that, citizens realized that the name was hardly any shorter than the original, so they shortened it further into its current form.

Snickerd is a frontier town, near the border, so there's a lot of room for new buildings and civic improvement. After extensive correspondence with my friend Tom Nook, I decided to leave my hometown of Cubeville and make the journey to Snickerd.

Was it wise? Probably not. As it would seem, the journey was near-perilous. The cabbie who drove me the final leg of my trip immediately assumed I was a girl upon meeting me (I hate it when that happens!), and as soon as I set foot in the town, I knocked into a nearby tree, which dropped a hive of buzzing bees directly onto my head. I soon discovered that my "friend" Nook was instead a crafty businessman hoping to take advantage of gullible settlers; he locked me into a high-interest home loan before I knew it. Even though things seemed to be going badly, though, I still had high hopes about my move to Snickerd.


"Everything in Snickerd is beautiful." I think that's the town motto, actually. Or maybe it's, "Everything in Snickerd is for sale." One of those. Come to think of it, I think that His Honor the Mayor actually changes the town motto on alternate Thursdays, so I could be right about both. What was I saying?

Oh. Everything in Snickerd is beautiful. It's not just a saying, it's also a fact. The ocean laps at the shore gracefully, and the river cuts the town in half, though not equally. There are several trees, pine and otherwise, dotting the landscape (and most don't have beehives in them), and some wildflowers have sprung up in the open land.

I don't know if it's because we're on the frontier, but it seems like the world is smaller out here. I can almost see it curving as I walk away, and the horizon even seems closer! Also, things, and even people, just don't seem as sharply defined as I was used to seeing them in Cubeville. Maybe it's just because there's so much unclaimed wilderness surrounding the village, but it stopped bothering me after a day or so.


The first thing you notice in Snickerd is that everyone speaks Animalese. It isn't too hard to understand, so I got past that pretty quick. If I decided I didn't like Animalese, though, I could ask the other town residents to speak another way, such as in text only, and they still would. I notice little things, such as the waves on the beach, the plop of the bobber as I cast my fishing line, or the buzz of the bees as they brutally and viciously attack me.

Things are pretty quiet, here, otherwise. I can compose my own music if I want to listen to something different, too. All I have to do is check in with the clerk at City Hall and she'll let me organize my own tune!


Moving around Snickerd is easy. I can touch wherever it is I need to go, or just use the buttons like I used to. I can sort through the items in my pack the same way. One of the best things about this town is that either way works great, so I can use one all the time or change between both.

There weren't too many residents other than me when I moved into Snickerd, but I've noticed that as time goes by, more and more of them show up. If anything happens, of course, we post news on the town's Bulletin Board. For instance, His Honor the Mayor posted up a notice from the Weather Service that a huge snowstorm would be coming in tomorrow. Just in time for my house to be remodeled, too-- I don't know if Tom Nook (who looks a little like my friend Luigi when he puts on that ridiculous raccoon suit of his-- he swears he can fly when he wears it) will be able to start work on schedule.

Of course, the first thing I had to take care of was paying off my mortgage. I earned some money by picking oranges in the groves. That helped for a while, but oranges don't grow back very fast. My new friend Kody suggested I try gathering seashells from the beach and selling them. It worked. I don't know why, but Nook will pay a whole bunch of Bells for them. It hardly took any time at all to finish off my loan.

Fishing is another great way to pass the time, and again, I could sell the fish for money if I needed to. Sometimes, if I find a new and interesting fish, I'll donate it to the Museum, which has an aquarium inside. The curator, Blathers, is looking for all sorts of interesting things to display. Apparently, I'm the only one to donate anything so far, but my sense of civic duty leads me to help improve the town's collection.

Even those nasty, unforgiving bees can... er, "bee" helpful, as Nook really likes to buy them. I'm still afraid to disturb them overmuch, though. Every time I get stung, my face swells up something fierce, and all my friends make fun of how it looks, sometimes right in front of me!

Aside from doing favors for my friends, I can also decide how to decorate my house, which is one of the reasons I am remodeling. I'm just running out of room! My neighbor Mint gave me a nice billiards table, which matches really well with my green wallpaper and toy-themed rug. I also found this cool Nintendo bench lying in a tree (I know, that doesn't make any sense, but at least there weren't any bees). The bench didn't really fit that well, but I just had to put it in there. It was too nifty not to display.

Writing letters to friends can be fun. Everyone likes to get mail, and my friends are almost certain to write back after I give them a letter, even though it would just be easier to walk over and visit. I can buy all sorts of stationery, as well as other items, at Tom Nook's store.

Graphic design is also cool. At the sewing shop, I can create my own patterns, then use them later to make shirts, hats, umbrellas, and even carpets for my house. Once I've made a pattern, then turned it into a piece of clothing, Mabel will sell it at her shop. She says some of my designs might even get popular after a while!

I feel kind of dumb for this, but I forgot to bring my NES with me to Snickerd. This is sort of a big deal, as I really liked playing my old video games, but I think I'll learn to live without them. It's not like there isn't enough to do here, especially when I can meet new friends from other towns.


If I want to visit someone from another town, or want them to visit my town, it's pretty easy. All I have to do is have the guards open the gate for me, and they'll let my friends in. Friends can visit when they're nearby or over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Once someone's been in my town once, locally or online, they can come back any time over the Wi-Fi Connection. Four of us can be in town at the same time, but only two of us can be in a building at once. We can leave messages for one another on the bulletin board, write mail, and share our clothing designs and items with each other.

One thing that would have been nice is if I could meet new friends over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Unfortunately, I have to meet friends someone far outside of Snickerd (also known as the Real World) and exchange Friend Codes in order for our gatekeepers to let us visit each other. I can see why this is the case; I certainly wouldn't want any strangers to come into Snickerd, chop down trees, burn my house to the ground, throw one of those horrible, horrible beehives at me, and leave while I was busy being stung. That would be awful. Still, I wish there was some way to communicate with people whose Friend Codes I don't know.


Living in Snickerd isn't problem-free, but it's a lot of fun. The best part about it is that there's something new going on every day, whether it's a new neighbor moving in, a nasty snowstorm on the horizon, or a holiday party at City Hall. Since time in Snickerd moves at the same pace as time everywhere else, I can walk around at day, watering my flowers in the sunlight, or sneak around at night and see what my neighbors are up to when they think I'm not looking. It's a wild world out here-- maybe you should try getting a town of your own. It's sure to keep you occupied for a long time.

One thing I just want to make clear, though: I hate bees.

final score 9.0/10

Staff Avatar Aaron Roberts
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