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Feel the Magic: XY/XX Package Art
Sonic Team

Feel the Magic: XY/XX

So the Nintendo DS is nearly here. With such big titles to promote the release such as Super Mario 64 DS, it will be easy to overlook some of the smaller name titles coming out. Especially with the home consoles releasing their big titles around this holiday season as well. If you are one of the people who are eating up everything DS related and cant wait to get your hands on it, then you might want to check out Feel the Magic: XY/XX. I'm not saying that you should go out and buy it now. I'm just saying if youíve all ready bought Super Mario DS 64, The Urbz, and already played the Metroid Prime: Hunters demo to death then you might want to go check this game out.


I really expected this game to be more visually appealing. That's not to say that it isn't, just that I expected more seeing as it is one of the DS's launch titles. While the graphics are very smooth, the animation is definitely not top notch. Your character does not even have a face. Your skin is completely jet black with no features whatsoever. All the while, it looks like the main character is wearing a safety helmet at all times, like a seizure prone child of some sort. Some of the graphics in the mini-games are very nice though, which makes the rest of the surroundings and background look that much worse. I do like the use of the dual screens though. The scenes have an almost flawless transition between screens.


You know, I didnít really notice a lot of music. I was mostly just listening to the music of another nearby video game that was being played next to me. Rest assured, I went back and checked. This game does have music. It's mostly just the same few songs being played over and over again. This explains why I turned it off. The sound effects are pretty funny, especially since there are a few different games that include vomiting. The only voices you here will be the "narrator" telling you to "Rub it" or "Snake", depending on what mini game you are playing.


Picture Wario Ware with a storyline all about trying to shack up with the girl of your dreams. Got it? Well, what you have there is Feel the Magic: XY/XX. You will start off just trying to get this beautiful lady to notice your existence. Youíll eventually have to court her, save her from laser eye shooting aliens, and take her blouse off while trying to keep a fire going on a deserted island. All the while you'll be playing mini-games to progress through the story. The mini-games range from using the built-in mic to scream at her as loud as you can in a crowd of other fawning men to trying to vomit up goldfish. Donít ask, just urk up those goldfish before they try to swim into your large intestine.

The game is played almost entirely with the touch screen and voice recognition capabilities of the Nintendo DS. Some games you will have to frantically dig up things by rubbing the screen as fast as possible. Other games are more oriented with precision, where you will have to tap a certain thing with your stylus several times. There are a few games, however, that require you to scream into the mic, like when you're trying to get your lady's attention. There are also a few games where you will have to blow on the mic to move your yacht on the ocean, for instance.




So, in summary, if you are a big fan of mini-games, you're planning on buying a bunch of games this month along with your DS, and would like to pretend that you actually have a girlfriend... then I suggest you go pick up a copy of Feel the Magic: XY/XX. It will be a clever waste of time that you can play on the go. If you donít fit into any of these categories, don't feel bad. You can still pick up Super Mario 64 DS or Spider-Man 2. So who's the real winner here, huh?

final score 7.2/10

Staff Avatar Morgan Stephenson
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"While I was on Percadin, I thought of a word that rhymes with Engine."

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