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GoldenEye 007 Package Art

GoldenEye 007

Goldeneye was the big shocker of 1997. I don't think anybody was truly expecting much of GoldenEye, including myself. How could I blame myself for being so wrong though? Afterall, it was virtually unheard of that you could translate a movie into a good game. Rare hit the bullseye with GoldenEye and created a masterpiece that would keep N64 owners entertained during the drought of games.

GoldenEye doesn't look truly spectacular. But with a system with so many limitations, how coulld it? Rare put all they could into this sucker and it shows. What you see is what you get: decent graphics and a bareable frame rate. That's all there is to it. It's a good thing too- GoldenEye is on the edge of being intolerable and is for some people. I can stand the frame rame rate and most people will be able to as well.


The sound is perfect. When I first turned the game on, I couldn't believe my ears. Afterall, music like this on the N64 was completely uncommon except for the music in previous Rare N64 titles. And even those didn't match the "greatness" of the sound in GoldenEye. The music is absolutely excellent, just like everything else about this game.


Rare did something truly groundbreaking for the first person shooter genre. Wheras the idea is to run and shoot and make it to the end of the level alive, Rare took that and then added a little bit of beef to it. Objectives. The enemies in most first person shooters take more shots to kill as you move up the difficulties and a few more enemies may be added here and there. In GoldenEye, the enemies are killed based on where you shoot them always. If you can hit a head shot everytime, enemies will go down in one shot. Leg, arm, shoulder, knee... it will take a little longer. GoldenEye is totally realistic and challenges gamers by boosting up the AI instead of just making the enemies more superhuman. It's a nice change for the genre.

I don't remember the movie exactly because it's been awhile since I've seen it; I do believe that every level from the movie is in the game and there may be some original locations. The levels that are from the movie are totally accurate for the most part. The gas tanks in the Facility are not the same as they are in the movie but that's about the only major difference between the two. Rare did a good job paying attention to detail. There are very few levels that aren't enjoyable in GoldenEye. The Surface and the cemetary levels are the only ones I can think that I didn't totally enjoy... but I didn't dread them either.

The cheats extend replay value as well. Not using them but rather earning them through "time trials." Some of them are really hard to get (unless you use button codes.) Especially invincibility. I'm glad that Rare added the time trials aspect into the game. Even though I don't use codes at all, I appreciate the challenge of earning them and most people will too. You'll keep coming back at this one because of the challenging objectives and the brilliant level design. Rare really makes you want to keep on coming back to GoldenEye.


If you haven't noticed, this game totally rocks. The multiplayer levels are designed perfectly and will keep you entertained for hours. The options aren't as customizeable as in Perfect Dark and the guns are nowhere near as good either. GoldenEye, however, still has one of the best multiplayer modes out there that meets and in some places exceeds that of Perfect Dark.


It's the year 2000. GoldenEye is out, Perfect Dark is out, Quake 2 is out. These three games represent the best of the best when it comes to first person shooters in my mind. Out of those three, the best two are GoldenEye and Perfect Dark... both by Rare. Which would I recommend out of those two? GoldenEye. Perfect Dark might be original but when it comes to first person shooters, GoldenEye has the best single player missions and the best multiplayer levels. Two thumbs up to GoldenEye... and if I had more thumbs, I'd definitely get every thumb that I had. Buy it. (bc


final score 9.8/10

Staff Avatar Brent Childers
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"It's true... It is."

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