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Bomberman 64 Package Art
  Hudson Soft

Bomberman 64

Bomberman 64 starts off on a distant planet where we see a huge space ship arrive. The airship is controlled by a man called Altair who had recently acquired a mysterious cube, known as the Omni Cube. The Omni Cube absorbs various kinds of energy and provides this to its owner. Altair proceeds to use the Omni Cube on this planet and absorbs the energy from it, but that planets energy wasn’t enough. Altair wanted more energy, so he chose a new planet to drain. Planet Bomber.

When Altair arrived in his ship, Bomberman was fortunate enough to be away from the battlefield as Altair attacked. Unfortunately there was nothing Bomberman could do to stop the onslaught, but just stand there and watch.

Suddenly, a mysterious man named Sirius arrived and offered to help Bomberman by giving him advice on how to destroy Altair’s base. Bomberman had no idea who this person was or what his intentions were, but he decided to take his advice and thus his adventure began.


Although being rather dated, Bomberman 64 still looks very good and is full of vibrant colors and scenery. The levels are very large and filled with plenty of puzzles, obstacles, and enemies to battle.


Probably the standard quality audio from any N64 game is provided in Bomberman 64. There are plenty of sound effects and catchy tunes throughout the levels to keep you satisfied. You will also occasionally hear some of the human bosses give a little speech before you battle them, but it is nothing to write home about.


There are 5 worlds to make your way through and 4 stages per world. Two of the four stages however are boss stages, one a mid-boss and one a final boss of that world.

In each stage, including the boss stages, there are 5 gold cards to collect but are not necessary to beat the game. To get these gold cards you must complete certain tasks and search high and low and in every nook and cranny to find them. Often times though you will come across these gold cards by simply doing what is necessary to complete the level.

For the boss stages you usually have to destroy different body parts of the boss before actually beating the boss to acquire the gold cards. Doing this is often times much more difficult to do that simply defeating the boss however.If you can manage to acquire all 100 gold cards in the game it is rumored that a new world will open up were you are supposed to be able to find out just who exactly this Sirius guy is and what his true intentions are.

Other than the gold cards there are still more things you can collect in Bomberman 64. If you can manage to track them down there are 40 total custom Bomberman pieces to be found. With these pieces you can create your own custom looking Bomberman to battle in battle mode with style!

Also in Bomberman 64 as with previous incarnations of Bomberman, you can acquire many different power-ups during your adventure. These power-ups include extra bombs, bigger flames, remote detonators, and more powerful bombs.


This is perhaps the best feature Bomberman 64 has to offer. The battle mode has 6 arenas plus an additional 4 when you enter a code. In case you don’t know already and you were wondering what this code was here it is…

Go to the main menu screen and highlight “Battle”. Press the start button as quickly as you possibly can and if you did it fast enough you will hear a chime. Now go to the battle menu and when you go to select your arena you will see 4 new arenas to choose from.

***You must re-enter this code every time you shut off your N64.***

There are two different modes to choose from in battle mode, single mode, and team mode. Single mode is quite simply everyone for themselves and team mode is simply two against two. However, in team mode your main objective isn’t simply to blow each other up but it is to destroy the other teams crystal as many times as you can. To do this you will have unlimited lives each, so simply blowing your opponents up will not result in an automatic victory. Blowing each other up usually breaks out anyhow, but it is not the main objective you’re looking for.

Other than the main power-ups found in the adventure mode, there are two special power-ups only found in battle mode, poison and evil.

Poison randomly chooses from a list of different effects it will cause you and as the name suggests, it is highly contagious by contact with other players. The following is a list of the types of poison you will encounter:

Big- your body turns big and causes you to move very slowly.
Tiny- your body turns small and causes you to move very fast.
Disarmed- you cannot set bombs or pump-up other peoples bombs.
Reverse- your analog control is opposite in every way.
Disguise- your bombs have the power of pumped-up bombs but remain small.
Instant- your bombs explode much faster than usual.
Fire- you’re set on fire and can defeat your opponents by physical contact. You must defeat your opponents by the time this effect wears off or you will die.

Evil, on the other hand, is very rarely found and is only found once per match. Evil causes global effects to happen which also effects the person who uses the item. The following is a list of the possible effects you will encounter:

Guliver- everybody gets bigger and moves very slowly.
Twister- a giant twister appears and draws in anybody near it.
Throw- everybody starts throwing objects.
Shuffle- player positions switch randomly.
Maximum- all bombs now explode at maximum power.
Disco- the battle arena flashes in a rainbow of colors.
Plague- intermittently, random players become dizzy.


I very much enjoyed Bomberman 64 and found it very challenging to try and collect all of the gold cards and custom Bomberman pieces. The battle mode is very good and highly addictive, especially when you have four friends playing at the same time instead of the computer. A must purchase for any fans of Super Bomberman.

final score 7.8/10

Staff Avatar Jeff Pearson
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"I've given all I can, but it's never enough."

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