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Goldeneye 007 Package Art
First Person Shooter

Goldeneye 007

Secret agent man, James Bond... a figure known throughout Hollywood as the super duper spy figure, is now known on the Nintendo 64 as a hallmark achievement by Rare. James Bond comes alive in this movie adaptation, and one of the most surprising things about this licensed movie game is that is actually good... damn good! Not the usual run-of-the-mill 1st person shoot 'em up, GoldenEye requires more stealth and brains than the "run in the room and pop caps like crazy". Nuh uh, sorry, in fact, in GoldenEye if you go around stages shooting like Scarface you're bound to be on the floor and throwing the controller at the wall before you know it. Boasting Multi-player, game activated secrets, and billions of modes as options, GoldenEye shines through as a spectacular product, and one of the glimmering games of Nintendo 64's lineup.


Let's just say, ever since R.C. Pro-Am Rare has never done anything with below exceptional graphics, and 007 is nothing shy of their record. Realistic and detailed textures cohere to every polygonal aspect of GoldenEye, complete with even uglier human face textures than Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (and if you look closely at the faces, you'll notice every now and then you'll find Ken Lobb's face texture-mapped on a random guard -- nice touch!). The actual roles or figures in 007 are somewhat blocky, in attempt to use the minimal amount of polys I suppose, but the detail on their textures is excellent and the animation is of superior scale as well so it makes up for the Lego-people. Let me expand on the animation since I just brought that up; it's superb! Guards walk casually, do commando-style runs upon sensing your presence, react to the placement of each of your shot bullets, writhe in pain on the ground, or just plain drop dead! Sorry Turok, every game that comes out seems to surpass your ingenuity. But no complaints about that here. Oh yeah, the main figures actually look like the real actors from the movie, and I heard they all did the modeling for the game too!


Yeah, you know that those traditional James Bond tunes have been jam packed and riffed up for your gray cartridge. Rare busts out with the traditional tune and takes different aspects of it making new tracks with all types of instruments. It's goooood chicken, folks. Aside from the music (I enjoy those stalking deathmatch midi's personally) the sound effects are of equally high caliber. Silenced pistols, booming explosions, grunting guards, blaring alarms, etc. All good noises this side of a rowdy classroom and all good quality as well. If you are deaf, you shall truly miss out.


GoldenEye smacks those run 'n gun Doom clones in the face. No longer is the essential part of a 1st-person shooter to kill everything and get as much ammo as you can because GoldenEye's game structure relies on successfully completing certain tasks throughout a level, i.e. plant bombs and destroy cameras. Not only that but you need that silenced PP7 in order to keep things quiet in that Siberian Bunker, we wouldn't want to disturb any guards with itchy trigger fingers for our favorite spy guy. And that's exactly how things work, any kind of explosion will make some nearby guards come running from where ever they are, and those guards will fire noisy guns which attract even more AI-full guards... geesh, and sometimes it gets real messy!


GoldenEye can throw one thing that most N64 shooters have lacked so far, a Multi-player mode. 4-way deathmatches were what the Spring delay was for, and it made the game ten times better. Now you can choose lots of characters to run around with and stalk your friends. And your amigos will have nightmares of when you played as midget-man Oddjob throwing knives and grenades at you. 007 four-way is a great addition to an already great game, and I simply can't stress enough how fun it can be, even with only 2 people it's still excellent.


What else can I say about James Bond? It has all those essential elements that good games need, and all those elements are slightly less than perfect. It has it's share of problems, but then again, every game does too! There is some slowdown, and the game starts off with a whole lot of gray textures that may make it seem drab...but it gets better and better every proceeding level. If you aren't a puzzle or a sports fan, GoldenEye 007 is the game for you this August. I ran out of work early the night I purchased my 007, and I ran home ill and in anticipation of smashing the cart into my 64 and being amazed for the night. Guess what fellow dojo freaks, I was more than amazed. 007 is proof that Rare cannot possibly make bad games and I give them many salutes. May Bond bless your Nintendo system and may Multi-player strike you dead. Until I get a Battletoads 64, Rare has satisfied more than a Snickers bar ever could.

final score 9.0/10

Staff Avatar Mikey Veroni
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