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Robotron 64 Package Art

Robotron 64

With all the upcoming titles looking to prove themselves in the next generation of software, in sneaks Robotron 64, a blast from the past, so to speak. Taken off the hit 80s arcade, Robotron throws players into the role of Eugene, a super powered human, who battles robots from enslaving mankind in the year 2084; a simple plot for a simple game. Don't look for any ground breaking material here, just good old fashioned, gameplay over graphics style fun.


If only Diddy Kong Racing looked this good... yeah right, just kidding. Robotron pales in comparison to the other N64 titles graphically, looking more like a 3D Game Boy title than anything else. But when you're basing a game off an 80s arcade, I don't think much should be expected. The whole game takes place on a fair sized square (plane shape changes later on accordingly) plane varying in texture, with some dull colored backgrounds, which could have most certainly used the colorful arrangement of Tetrisphere's backgrounds at least. Save the color scheme of the enemies, there's little to tell one sort of enemy from the next...not together all that important since you'll be blasting your way through them in order to rescue the mindless people (all 4 or so types: man, woman, old man, child). Still perhaps a bit more could've been done to enhance the appeal to a broader audience.


Surprisingly very good, closely resembling that of Tetrisphere's quality, though I prefer 'Sphere's music any day. Even so, the smooth blend of varied sound effects and low beats provide some appropriately fitting techno background music that go nicely with the robotic theme. Sound effects are rather limited to laser blasts and little funky robot noises.


This is about as simple as it gets in terms of control and gameplay in general. Using the analog to walk and the C group to shoot in the desired direction at default, Robotron's control is so simple even the boys over at UGP could figure it out. And if you prefer using the analog to shoot for more freedom and the C group to walk about, that can be adjusted as well. Sadly, two player isn't cooperative but instead, by separate turns. Fortunately, this can be remedied by giving the second player a controller, so that, both players can use the analog simultaneously, even during a one player game, where the first player walks, and the second player shoots, although the first player can also shoot with the C group. This makes mulitplayer gaming a bit more challenging and fun, requiring coordination between the two.

Gameplay is simple: players shoot robots to rescue humans meanwhile acquiring any power ups to aid them. When all the robots that can be destroyed have been dealt with (some are indestructible), players get warped on to the next level. The game moves rapidly with increasing difficulty making the game more addicting than opening a can of Pringles™. After every so many levels, there comes a bonus stage which is, essentially, a shootout where players can't die. Some of the power ups in the game aid quite a bit (2 way, 3 way, 4 way fire, flame thrower), while others, such as the turbo boots, are relatively useless. As you progress, more and tougher enemies appear and reappear with things like mines thrown in to keep you on your toes. With over 200 some odd levels, there certainly isn't a concern over beating the game anytime soon. Progress can be saved to a memory pack, or, for those who still have yet to do themselves the favor and get one, the game is password protected as well so you can pick up right where you left off.


See gameplay above.


No mind blowing graphics or anything to make you go running for the camera, but Robotron is good, clean fun for everyone. Probably not worth buying, least not at full price anyways unless you're dying for a new game or love retro style games, but it's certainly a safe rental and worth giving a try.

final score 7.0/10

Staff Avatar Aldo Merino
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"To be or not to be? That is the question."

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