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Diddy Kong Racing Package Art

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is another Rare masterpiece, or so I thought. When I first played the game for rental, I had it for 6 days, and by the time I returned it, all I got in return for a bad game was a late fee. Then, I rented the game again and bought it the exact same day because I started liking it more and more. Of course, I never figured out how to copy my game from my memory card to another game, so I had to start all over. Here is how Diddy Kong racked up in my second experience with it.


The graphics in DKR are nice, crisp, clean and smooth. The characters look nice and 3d and have no seams in them. The vehicles are pretty done as well. The frame rate mainly remains at a constant 30fps but there is some noticeable slowdown that occurs in the multiplayer mode. The courses look nice, as well and every detail is put into everything. Overall, the graphics are pretty nice.


Some may like the music in Rare games, I do too, in most cases. But, in the case of Diddy Kong Racing, I am just plain disgusted in the music. It may not be terrible in a music perspective, it's like everyday music: either it is your style or it isn't and DKR's music just isn't my style. As for the sound, it is composed of character voices and screams which are very annoying (especially Pipsy's). When playing DKR, I prefer to keep the volume off, it just really isn't my style of music. Some may like it, I do not.


The gameplay in Diddy may seem very boring in the beginning, but if you really get into it then it will become better. Diddy has 3 different cycles to me: boring, fun, boring. When I first played it, it was very boring. Then I bought it after a 2nd rental and beat it in 2 days. Of course, my friends don't like it and the battle modes aren't even fun with just 1 person just simply is not fun. There are 4 worlds (and 1 hidden world) with 4 courses each in them for an overall total of 20 courses. And, no I do not consider playing a course reversed or mirrored makes it a completely different course. You have to play each course 3 different times, making first place each time in order to get a balloon to add up to your balloon total to advance into further worlds. In each course you must race once getting first place, nothing more. The second time (after you defeat the boss) you have to get all of the silver coins. Then a 3rd in the trophy race to get all of the trophies so you can advance into the 5th world, Future Fun Land. The bosses are pretty simple when you think about it, but it takes a little practice and a lot of patience to defeat them. There is one basic strategy to beating the bosses: 3 turbo boosts. All you have to do really, is keep up with them and then on the final straightaway, blast right passed them. The same even applies to whom I consider the easiest boss in the game: Wizpig (the second time, not the first. He is hard the first time). So, DKR is probably one of the easiest games on the system, but the courses do take a little practice. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be zooming through the courses in no time. The silver coin challenges normally take me 3 times to get them. The first time, I drive through a course memorizing the location and then the 2nd time, I figure out how and when to get them (which coin I get first, etc.), and finally the 3rd time, I will get them almost every single time. When you finally do actually get into Diddy Kong Racing, you can beat it in no time and then after that, there is no replay value, except the poorly designed and lack of battle arenas. The egg one and the banana (where you get them in your basket) one are extremely boring so you have 2 choices of true battle courses. One that is on water and another that is on ice, both are fun at first but aren't too well designed at all. If you play both courses for over 3 hours, you'll be completely tired of them and go straight back to GoldenEye, a game with true battle mode and a lot of large arenas to choose from. Overall, the gameplay is pretty much a one way cycle (boring, fun, boring), and then from there on out, it's just boring the rest of the trip. DKR is too repetive and easy which pretty much kills it. If you're looking for a Rare-made game with plenty of replay value and overall fun, get GoldenEye, don't bother with this game.


See Gameplay above.


Diddy Kong Racing may be fun at a certain point of time but with its lack of replay value and repetiveness, the game just gets really old. Normally, if I don't play a game for a long period of time, I get an urge to play it after awhile. But, with DKR, that urge just simply isn't there. If I race one race in the game, I will just get completely bored and turn it off. The game may be another racer, and in a way, a good game. But to me, it's just another game and more of a Mario Kart clone, believe it or not. And that's not something I would expect from them. While the game may be a must buy for some people, lack of replay value kills it. Just rent it a few times.

final score 7.0/10

Staff Avatar Brent Childers
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