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Metal Gear Solid Package Art
††Konami (KCEO)

Metal Gear Solid

This is one impressive game. If I werenít writing this review, Iíd be playing it right now, thatís for sure. So without further ado, letís get on to the game.


In a word: Amazing. This game has a well drawn out sprite of Snake Solid, and a lot of animations for him. He can stick to walls, attracting enemies nearer by tapping on the wall, or look farther with the B button. He can crawl with the START button, and he can punch, and fire various weapons. But thatís just him. The guards can walk, look around, scratch their heads, bash you with their guns if youíre discovered, and all this with a smooth frame rate and no sprite flicker. Also, the levels are quite well sized, and donít get boring. Plus, there are VR missions, over 150 of them, which teach you the basics in combat, your abilities, the terrain, but most of all (and which the game is primarily based around) being stealthy. But Iíll get into those a little later.

This game also features a lot of brilliant landscapes, such as the jungle, a training room, a desert, and a lot more, but I donít want to ruin it for you. Anyway, the landscapesí features are quite nice looking too, such as a plane, a tank, Snakeís parachute, shrubbery, and so on so forth.


As all games should (note the word should), Metal Gear Solid has nice, fitting music. It doesnít get annoying, mainly because youíre too busy trying to dodge the guard, or find a way around the security camera, but thatís beside the point. Even if you were to sit there listening to it, you wonít hate it. Like in the VR missions, you have music that seems to suggest for you to take your time, and finish the simple, though dangerous, task at hand without screwing up. Not to mention the sound effects. You can hear Snake tapping on the wall when heís luring a guard somewhere, you can hear him shoot, Snake running into a wall, his footsteps on a creaky floor, itís really good.


Not that it doesnít elsewhere, but this is where the game really excels! Get this: 13 missions, and over 150 VR training missions, to help you develop your skills for the main game.

Of the 13 missions of the main game to choose from, each is larger than you might think. The first puts Snake parachuting into the jungle, whereupon he receives orders to move northward to an enemy base, where there are reported Metal Gears (yup, more than one). His mission is to destroy them, so he starts off in the jungle gradually working his way past guards. I just shot Ďem. Once you find the place, you get a beautiful cut-scene. Too bad it was so short. Anyway, thereís a lot more to this game.

Next, the VR missions. There are many sections to try. Like just to get to the first one, you have to select VR Training, then Sneaking Mode, then No weapon, then Practice, then you finally get to choose one of 15 levels in that subsection alone. There are also 15 additional levels in each final subsection. Under Weapon Mode (as opposed to Sneaking Mode), there 6 separate weapons to choose from, which all are quite fun. This would be more than sufficient for a good game, but Konami decided to expand the game a little farther.

There is a multiplayer option in this game too, via link cable, which runs flawlessly. Both competitors play as Snake, one red one blue, and try to locate three gems, containing disks. This is all while youíve chosen your weapon, and are thrown in random places in a random VR room. Three lives separate you from victory, or defeat, and whether the other snake kills you, a trapdoor, or you just donít get all the gems in time, this is still an incredibly fun mode.


See gameplay above.


If you donít think this game is a must-get by now, youíre crazy. I have a few words to wrap this all up: BUY THIS GAME!

final score 10/10

Staff Avatar Schuyler Lystad
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