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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Package Art
††Ubisoft Montreal

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

I loved Episode III (the movie). Yeah, I know a lot of people donít agree, but this movie was far and away my favorite in the series. I had to buy this game. That said, this game isnít for everyone. Revenge of the Sith is a hack and slash title where players can choose between Anakin and Obi Wan, each with their own set of moves, to hack their way through a 2D version of the movieís events.


The visuals in this game suit the Game Boy Advance. Instead of going with the realistic approach, which tends to be somewhat cheesy on the handheld, the developers went with the cartoon approach. Itís essentially a Star Wars cartoon, but this is by no means a bad thing. It looks perfectly fine and, in fact, rather charming as a 2D title. Besides the style, the game has some other nice looking things, but it doesnít push the hardware like Metroid Fusion or Zero Mission. Lightsabers leave a trail of light as you slash, droids explode and leave their parts all over (which you can toss with the force by the way), and the backgrounds are nice and have a lot of dťcor such as Jedi Starfighters, computers, and other various Star Wars props. Itís very nice for the GBA, and it feels like Star Wars.


You canít really go wrong with Star Wars music. It tends to be good no matter what. However, the GBA version of the game is limited by MIDI audio. Youíll find all the classic Star Wars tunes done in muddled MIDI. It sounds a bit like an NES title rather than a modern day game. It is unfortunate the sound wasnít made a little bit stronger.


The gameplay is great especially if youíre a Star Wars fans. Think something along the lines of the classic Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles or the old X-Men arcade game. Itís a side-scrolling brawler made great because of the franchise attached to it. Itís a fun, if not a bit repetitive, experience.

Players are given the choice of Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker. Each character has his set of moves based on their abilities in the movies. Anakinís moves are more aggressive such as Rage and a special power-up called Palpatineís Order, which increases his strength and speed. Obi Wan uses passive moves such as the Jedi Mind Trick, which disables the opponent. Both players can use the force to pick up enemies, throw objects and broken droid at enemies, and knock enemies over. Slash combos work well and look pretty.

The only problem with the levels is that they donít change very much in the GBA version. It might get old after a bit if youíre not into the hack and slash genre since there isnít anything to break up the side-scrolling. However, if youíre a fan of the old Turtles games and perhaps a Star Wars buff, youíll be enjoying yourself the whole time.

If youíve seen Episode III, you know what to expect out of the story. Itís a fun side-scroller, but may turn off some people looking for a lot of variety. You may want to pick it up at a lower price if youíre not a brawler fan, but if thatís the genre youíre looking for, by all means pick this game up.


The GBA offers its own features mysteriously missing from the DS version. The GBA offers a co-op and vs. mode, which are incentives to purchase the GBA version over the DS version. Be aware that both players must have a cartridge to take advantage of these modes. Ubisoft seems to take care not to let you know that so you buy the game without checking. Make sure you know a friend willing to buy the GBA version if you want to take advantage of these modes.


Most people will tell you to buy the DS version over the GBA version. I beg to differ. The GBA version is, in my opinion, fully equal to the DS version if not superior because you can play it on the big screen with the Game Boy Player, it has co-op multiplayer, it is cheaper, and, besides the space combat, it works the same as the DS version. As a fan of brawlers and Star Wars, I loved this game. However, for the casual gamer, it may get tedious. Keep that in mind if youíre going to drop on it. As a brawler, itís top notch, so fans of Golden Axe, the Turtles series, and X-Men arcade game will be very pleased with the action in this title,especially if youíre a Star Wars fan.

final score 8/10

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