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Digimon: Battle Spirit Package Art

Digimon: Battle Spirit

This game actually represents a huge landmark between Bandai and Nintendo. This would be the first game that Bandai has released on a Nintendo handheld, and it is the first appearance of the Digimon franchise on the Game Boy.

Regardless of this, the game is actually a port of an old game from something called the "Wonder Swan". Yeah, I donít know what it is either. Anyway itís based upon one of the popular kids shows, Digimon. For those who donít know, Digimon spans four seasons (1 and 2 are connected) and it generally involvs a bunch of kids being inadvertently sucked into a different dimension inhabited by creatures named digimon. The two befriend each other and work together to get stronger, to ďdigivolveĒ and eventually defeat the evil that is disturbing the balance in the alternate world.

While this game is not directly based off the series, itís more of a game in the vain of Super Smash Bros than anything else.


The good parts with the visuals include the faithful recreation of the digimon within the game. They are well realized, recognizable and in reasonable detail. This includes their stronger, evolved counterparts who almost look as cool as they did in the show. The environments are also quite well done; while they arenít anything in particular, fans of the show will recognize them as locations from various episodes.

On the downside, the presentation is quite bland. Most of the menus are bare-boned and the rest just drags behind. It drags down the overall quality of the package and leaves the game looking as if it were between the NES and the SNES. However, the colorful design and faithful art-style is enough to satisfy the series' fans.


If anyone was ever unhappy about the sound on their GBA, after hearing this game they may never complain again. As this is a direct conversion from the Wonder Swan, there havenít been any improvements made to the audio.

Pretty much everything is sloppy and way, way out of date. Iím pretty sure that a pager can make a greater variety of sounds, definitely at a higher quality as well.


Surprisingly, the game shines quite well from this perspective. Itís quite reminiscent of Super Smash Bros, except the deal here is a one-on-one battle on a platform environment. Youíll pick one of the initial seven digimon (more can be unlocked), and youíve really only got a choice between one or two player. One player is simply a standard fighter style game, where you progress for one stage to the next, each more difficult than the last and finish up with the boss.

The actual battles themselves arenít on a meter or based on the SSB percentage. Instead, the players are set against each other and are required to belt the snot out of one another. By doing so, the one that gets hit releases an orb. It is then up to the opposer to collect his foes lost assets and continue the assault. This goes on for two minutes, at which the winner is declared the one who has collected the most orbs. One 'SSB similarity is the way you attack. The A-button is used to jump, while the B-button is your attack button. It can be used in conjunction with the D-pad for different attacks. The good part about this is that all digimon have their own unique attacks.

Though the battles arenít as simple as this, there are quite a few objects and useful things along the way. Throughout the various stages there are things like quick sand and icy floors that hamper your maneuvering. You can collect items that will greatly help you in beating down your opponent. For example, if you throw a clock at the opponent, they will freeze on the spot leaving them open for some huge attacks and some huge orb loss. Not incredibly deep, but this does provide some much required variety.

One of the big inclusions and drawcards is the digivolution. When a digimon (non-playable) named Culumon floats across the screen about two-thirds through the battle, the first one to touch it will digivolve. Like in the case of Pokemon, that simply means reaching a higher, more powerful level. Since most digimon have several levels, the developers have made it easy and allowed the evolution to go straight to the final most powerful level. The great thing about this is that youíre super powerful and invincible. The problem is that the AI wonít put up a fight and pull a bunch shifty moves just to get away from you. Still, fans will revel with the opportunity to play as some of these characters.

The digimon that have been included in the game are mainly the popular ones like Agumon and Veemon with all the main ones from season three: Guilmon, Terriormon and Renamon. This should be quite appealing for the fans of the show.

While the gameplay is simplistic, it actually is a decent amount of fun, so long as you arenít expecting something spectacular or revolutionary.


This is your standard link battle. Simply a one-on-one between you and your mate. While nothing groundbreaking, some of the doubters may find this game to be more addictive than they bargained for.


While this game is simplistic and dated, it holds the same kind of addictive fun as 'SSB. Even though the control is stiff, graphics are shoddy and sound is dismal, what the game offers is quite likeable, especially for fans. Even non-fans will probably find a bit to like about this game. Possibly the biggest problem is that there is not enough of what is in fact good.

final score 6.0/10

Staff Avatar Jeremy Jastrzab
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