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Mario Golf: Advance Tour Package Art

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

I was a big fan of the original portable Mario Golf when it was released on the Game Boy Color in 2000. Up until then, I had never really cared about golf games. Nevertheless, since I saw (and still do) the red and blue clad plumber as sort of a hero of the working class (move over John Lennon), I decided to try it. Looking back on that hot summer day four years ago…well, I’m not sure where I was going with that. Anyways, it was a great game. Fast forward to the present day; a sequel to my all-time favorite golfing RPG is available for my portable gaming pleasure. Does this new Mario Golf sustain the legacy of the original? Let’s find out.


The graphics in Mario Golf: Advance Tour are what you would expect to see on the Game Boy Advance. The game utilizes a Mode 7 graphic engine to model the course environments. The courses are a flat background with 3D topography and foliage placed on top of them. This works well, even though it can make the courses appear somewhat flat and awkward.

The biggest thing I can say about the graphics are that they are extremely similar to the graphics found in Golden Sun; in fact, many of the graphics actually seem “borrowed” from Camelot’s RPG series. Advance Tour’s furniture especially seems ripped from Golden Sun. This is not a bad thing considering that Golden Sun’s graphics are still considered some of the systems finest. Fans of the graphics in Golden Sun will enjoy the similarities for sure.


I have mixed feeling about the audio in Advance Tour. The audio in particular is fantastic; however, some of the soundtrack selections seem out of place. This is probably a personal quiver, so I would not let my minor audio gripe prevent you from buying this gem. Overall, the sound is standard Nintendo quality.


This is where the game really shines. Mario Golf: Advance Tour is a golf game and a role-playing game. For those who haven’t played the original portable Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color, that means that while your character is traveling around the game world playing (and hopefully winning) tournaments, he is also “leveling up” his character and earning upgrades to his clubs. This adds a completely new level of gameplay to the mix. After leveling up your character, you can choose a golfing skill to improve. You might want to increase your driving range or draw. Maybe you want your digital golfer to have a bigger spin on his hit. Have it your way.

The RPG aspect gives the game a much deeper feel and adds a lot of replay to this golf title. You can play mini-games to learn new golfing techniques and to earn experience points that you can later use to level up. If you really want to earn large amounts of EXP, you will master the art of Birdies and Eagles on the tournament mode. The seasoned gamer (if he is thorough enough) will find several hidden events scattered throughout the game. One even involves a couple Koopa Troopas. I say no more.

You can tell that the Golden Sun development team had their hands in the cooking kettle at Camelot. However, if you are expecting high-fantasy adventure from Mario and Peach in this game, you might want pass. This is a golf game first-and-foremost; not Final Fantasy

Connectivity junkies will be pleased to learn that Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: Advance Tour support inter-game linking. There are certain elements that only unlock when your download data from Toadstool Tour. This function is quite cool since you can create a super-character in Advance Tour and transfer him to the GameCube version for some super swings.


Mario Golf: Advance Tour game does support four-player tee-offs. The game even lets players play on a single system by passing the GBA around. Nice. Or if you have multiple carts, you and your buddies can link up using link cable or the wireless adapter.


I like this game. It tastes good to my palette. If you like video game golf, you should find this game to be a “diamond in the rough”. It truly is an amazing golf game as well as a great portable RPG. I actually prefer Advance Tour to the GameCube big brother. Filled with great golfing elements, Mario in-jokes, and a pass-around four player mode, this game is loaded with good times. Feel free to pick it up; you have my blessing.

final score 9.4/10

Staff Avatar Zach Pharr
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