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Iridion3D Package Art


Practically hands down, Iridion 3D is the prettiest Gameboy Advance game to grace this portable console when compared to other launch titles. Let’s take a gander at the game’s story, quoted directly from the manual:

”In the distant regions of our Galaxy, far beyond the darkest limits of the Orion Nebula, a deadly force has been unleashed upon the universe, and is heading straight for Earth. Your mission – travel across light-years of uncharted space, to defend the destiny of mankind.

With IRIDION 3D, battle against legions of Iridion star fighters high above the Earth’s stratosphere. Engage vicious robotic bio-worms in the outer regions of the Solar System, and ultimately, travel half a universe away to the heart of the Iridion Star System, where only you can eliminate the Iridion menace. Get ready to travel forward to a time when the fate of the universe rests in the palm of your hand!”

Hey, not bad. Let it be known that Iridion 3D boasts fantastic graphics and terrific sound, but do those simplistic characteristics make a good game? Let’s dissect this specimen. Scalpel, please…


Are there truly any graphical downsides to Iridion 3D? Nah, not really. Though seemingly linear, each level provides varying backgrounds, visuals, and the like. Enemy aircrafts and weapons of destruction come flying towards you from afar, as do obstacles and other entities. This brings up an interesting query, however: Is Iridion 3D really 3D? Not exactly.

Using Mode 7 technology, you pilot your way thru over half a dozen levels. Along the way, multiple enemies are faced – all with different appearances and weaponry. Let’s head back to Mode 7, though. In using this, developers can create semi-3D effects on a 2D engine. The boys over at Shin’en did a great job in creating this game; by using repeating detailed FMV sequences for most of the levels, players can’t help but be awed by the graphical depth.

All in all, though, Iridion 3D is an amazing game to look at. Via using detailed backgrounds and pretty colors, this game was brought to life. Each level has the feel of a different territory and climate, and each enemy has a distinct appearance. Very nice for a first generation game.


Iridion 3D’s music is incredible. Not incredible in the sense that you will hum it for hours on end, but incredible so that you’ll just love hearing it. I found every ensemble to be very well orchestrated, both fitting in with environments and catchy in rhythm. All together, there are about twenty or so different pieces of music in the game. That basically sums it up – I have no complaints for music.

Sound effects are equally as satisfying. True, there are a few that are a tad scratchy, but I never said the sound of Iridion 3D was perfect. Each weapon has a unique sound, as do other unique happenings in the game, such as explosions, and other interesting things.


The controls of Iridion 3D are very basic – so much so that seemingly anyone can pick this title up and play it. Though skill and thought are required, those come in due time once the player learns how the game plays. So, what do you press and what is the result? Let’s find out:

Control Pad:

  • Causes your aircraft to move up, down, left and right.
  • Cycle through options in menus.
  • Moves cursor on Password Entry screen.
A Button:
  • Fires current weapon.
  • Select options.
Start Button:
  • Pause / Resume game.
You are presented with two predicaments. To destroy, or not to destroy. Upon earning 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 points, extra lives are earned – however, those are the only extra lives available. After dying quite a few times, I found it to be best simply to avoid the oncoming obstacles. I shot and destroyed what I could, but left the stronger foes to pass me by. All in all, it seems the best way to beat this game is to just stay away from enemies and keep moving forward.

Speaking of enemies, there are multiple kinds. Some create force fields that must be destroyed, others fire missiles, and others just fly straight for you. On one stage, water mines are placed and explode as your fly near them, causing a massive pillar of water to form. Flying into this pillar is something I would not recommend. Bosses are huge, and finding their weak spot is sometimes a little difficult. Avoiding their attacks is even more so – but possible, it just takes practice.


See above.


Iridion 3D is a fun game. Even though it’s fun, however, it is still more difficult than it should be. You find yourself getting frustrated as barrages of missiles surround you, and you can’t avoid them all. Regaining energy is a rare occurrence, as is gaining extra lives. Perhaps Iridion’s largest fault is the fact the game is too difficult. I love gaming, but when I get frustrated, it makes the whole ideal seem fruitless.

final score Flight Sim/10

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