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Kirby's Dream Land Package Art

Kirby's Dream Land

This is one tough marshmallow! While simple in design, the play mechanics of Dreamland make it one of a kind. Instead of defeating enemy’s via the old hop and bob method, you inhale the opponents and can then spit them out at some other poor foe. This inhaling attribute is vital to conquering this game.


Being over eight years old, the graphics are still comparable to today’s Game Boy games. The backgrounds are simple, providing disguisable detail between it and the characters. Kirby is pretty well animated, a nice change from the “oh so typical” two frame animation of many past Game Boy games. The enemies are also animated just as decently.


Who could ever get tired of Kirby’s trademark song? The music is very upbeat and matches the “bouncy” atmosphere of the Kirby universe. There’s even a hidden sound test, thus allowing you to enjoy the songs all day long!

The sound effects are just as energetic with the traditional beeps and bobs of many GB games. Overall, the sound is impressive, yet unobtrusive.


Outstanding! This is more than just an average platformer -- Kirby has several impressive moves as his disposal. Of course, we have his inhaling ability. Another unique ability is the power to fly. He can stay suspended in midair for as long as required, and when finished, Kirby will exhale, unleashing a puff of air. This is useful in taking down enemies at will.

While there are a mere four levels, they are quite challenging. At the conclusion of each stage is a boss you must defeat in order to advance to the next world. As a bonus, the final stage pits you against the previous four bosses before you can take on the big cheese, King Dedede! As a reward for defeating the game, you are presented with an extra difficult version of the game, not a simple task to accomplish.




Sure, you could play Kirby 64 (also an excellent game) and receive similar thrills, but to experience a glimmer of Kirby’s past, you’re going to have to play Kirby’s Dreamland. It’s an enriching experience, and you’ll also never be able to get that damn song out of your head! Highly recommended.

final score 9.0/10

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