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Rescue of Princess Blobette Package Art

Rescue of Princess Blobette

A Boy & His Blob was a cult classic on the NES. It followed the adventures of a Boy from Earth and an alien Blob as they rushed to save planet Blobolonia from an Evil Emperor. Sadly, the series died after this modest sequel. The Antagonistic Alchemist has captured Princess Blobette and is keeping her captive in the highest tower of his castle. For good measure, he's also captured Boy and Blob and put them in a separate tower. As Boy, it's up to you to make good your escape and rescue the fair Blobette while you're at it.


The game is pretty visually drab; if you've seen one catacomb, you've seen them all. Still, the game sports a few cute animations. Blob's eyes blink when he's frozen into a shape, he frowns despondantly when a jelly bean goes to waste, and if Boy slips off a cliff, he'll sometimes pull a Wile E. Coyote by dangling in midair and looking out at you plaintively before plummeting.


The game's music comes off as primitive at best and grating at worst. The game's audio highlight is the authentically reproduced sound of Boy whistling for Blob to follow him.


At its heart, Blobette is a kindred spirit with Pitfall II, another David Crane classic. As Boy, you adventure through the catacombs of a castle in search of its 19 treasures and, ultimately, a means to rescue Princess Blobette.

The only trouble is, Boy is virtually powerless on his own. He can't swim, he'll break his neck if he falls too far, and he can't even jump; all he can do is run back and forth. That's where his friend Blob comes in. You see, Boy starts the game with a handful of jelly beans. When Blob eats a jelly bean, he turns into a useful tool, depending on the flavor given. Although some forms are downright obtuse (a coconut?!), other forms will come in handy whenever Boy needs to get past obstacles in the game. In fact, one of the more subtle challenges in the game is to keep Blob close by; he'll happily bounce along behind you if he can, but if the two of you are separated, you'll have to figure out how to get him back.

The game is divided almost evenly between puzzle solving and exploration. The puzzles in the game -- unlocking doors and shutting off deadly machinery -- are of the Shadowgate variety; once you figure out how to turn a machine off, there'll be no challenge in getting past it on a replay. Exploration on the other hand -- especially deeper in the castle's catacombs -- can be a tricky proposition no matter how many times you've played the game. Flame throwers and sewer serpents can't always be avoided, plus there's the very real danger of ruining the timing of a jump and plummeting to your death. Even seasoned veterans will need a little skill and luck to get a perfect score. And if you manage to free Princess Blobette from her bonds, there'll still be an "end game" sequence to play through before you can call yourself a champion.

Unfortunately, the game is tragically short, much shorter than the NES original. You don't need to get all of the treasures to "win" the game, but even if you do, it won't take longer than half an hour to clear the whole castle out -- and it's much less satisfying on replay. Still, it's fun to play with Blob's various forms, and the game's open-endedness makes it a lot of fun to fool around with.




It's short and it's not as much fun the second (or hundredth) time through, but this game is still a keeper. It's thoroughly enjoyable while it lasts, and its unique gameplay gives it a well-deserved cult classic status. Still, there are other games out there that'll give you more bang for your buck.

final score 6.5/10

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