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Aero the Acrobat

Getting classic SNES games ported to the GBA seemed like a good idea once. There has been some good quality translations, like Super Mario World, but then there are those games where the developer obviously didn't care about properly porting their game. I kept that in mind when I plugged Aero the Acrobat into my GBA and was pleasantly surprised to see that Aero turned out better than I expected.

The adventure stars Aero, of course, as he tries to save the circus from Edgar Ektor and his sidekick squirrel, Zero. Edgar has developed a hatred for the circus, but for some reason dresses up like a clown. You must guide Aero through four areas while pulling off the usual assortment of circus acts like trapeze swinging, diving through hoops, tightrope walking, and being fired out of a cannon. What a blast.


Thankfully, this port was given a visual upgrade from the SNES version. The majority of the differences lay in the backgrounds. The graphics are now brighter and more colorful to accommodate the darker screen of the GBA. Aero himself looks just like he did back in the old SNES days, but he is still a well animated character. Visually, everything fits on the smaller screen. If I didn't know that it was a port, I would think that it was made just for the GBA.


The music isn't really that special. The tunes are regularly upbeat to match the mood of the game. Of course, it's not Aero the Acrobat if there isn't any of that typical circus music.


Aero the Acrobat is a pretty easy game to play, and the controls are simple to learn. There are three major moves to keep in mind. The first is Aero's drill attack. It can be used as an attack or a double jump. Pressing the A button and A again will trigger Aero's best attack. Pressing Down with the A will cause Aero to drill downward. His other attack are the magic stars. They can be found throughout the levels and can be thrown at enemies. The third move to remember is Aero's hover ability. Holding down the R button will keep Aero floating for a few seconds. It may not seem like a useful move, but it has helped me out of several dangerous falls.

The levels themselves vary. The size of each level range from small to huge and they are all full of many obstacles that Aero has to get around. There are the usual assortment of circus equipment scattered about like trampolines, canons, trapeze, and tightropes. The first set of levels has specific goals to be completed before you can move on to the next level. Be it platforms, rings, or switches, they can sometimes be overlooked and time would be wasted trying to go back and find the ones that were missed. After a while, there'll be more levels that just focus on finding the exit. Some of these levels require finding keys before you can move on, but they're never difficult to find. The major setback here is that the levels tend to be too easy. Power-ups can be found too often and it is easy to get more extra lives that you'll ever need.




Aero the Acrobat isn't the best platformer you can find, and there are many other SNES games that more deserved a port than this one. Still, it is a fun diversion that will keep your attention for a while. It is easy enough that you can pick it up and play for just a few minutes at a time,but it does seem to be a bit too easy at times. There is a bit of replay value, but you'll be less inclined to play it through more than twice. Even though Aero is a port, it was well done and a good example on how a game should be ported.

final score Platform/10

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