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Genius Sonority
June 25, 2007

Pokémon Battle Revolution

The Pocket Monsters journey from your DS to your Wii in Pokémon Battle Revolution, the fifth installment in Nintendo’s strategic beat ‘em up series. Players must engage in a series of Pokémon battles against computer-controlled opponents or online against friends either by renting in game Pokémon or uploading your own from your copy of Diamond or Pearl.



Pokémon Battle Revolution, like Colosseum and Stadium before it, is all about seeing your beloved team of Pokémon beautifully rendered in full 3D. Pokémon Battle Revolution certainly gets the job done with some superb looking character models and epic arenas. The battles themselves are also beautifully presented, with some dizzying attacks, clever camera angles and even a commentator to add to the drama. Revolution lets players use their DS as the controller to remove all those messy menus from onscreen, enabling a clearer view of the battlefield. If players are after a big stage for their Pocket Monsters, then Pokémon Battle Revolution certainly looks set to fit the bill.

To engage in battles players will need either a battle pass or an original pass. The former is made up of six rental Pokémon (available in game), whereas the latter is available to those who link up with Pokémon Diamond or Pearl and upload six Pokémon of their choice. Players can always view an opponent's six Pokémon; however, they will not know which Pokémon an opponent will pick (as most battles require fewer than six), adding extra strategy to the experience. There are well over 100 trainers to fight in various locations, and beating them will reward players with Poké Coupons, which can be spent on various treats in the shop. Couple this with two-on-two battles, the ability to customize your trainer and destructible scenery, and Pokémon Battle Revolution is set to be one of the most accomplished entries in the series so far.

However, there are some concerns over Pokémon Battle Revolution’s other modes -- or lack thereof. Minigames are absent from the title, which added entertaining replay value to the N64 games, and the online mode is severely hampered by friend codes. Pokémon Battle Revolution has been touted (in America and Japan) as the first online Wii title; however, it does not use Wii’s built-in friends list and requires gamers to gather further codes from friends, preventing battling against strangers. The online mode is also said to suffer lag, which raises serious concerns over Nintendo’s online service.

word on the street

Pokémon Battle Revolution impressively received 35/40 from Famitsu when it was released in Japan. A lot of media attention has focused on the game’s online service and its problems; but the game has still managed to impress fans and critics in the east. Pokčmon has enjoyed a rebirth following the success of Diamond and Pearl, so Pokémon Battle Revolution can expect a warm reception when it is released state side on June 25th.

press release notes

Pokémon Battle Revolution is the first online multiplayer-enabled game for Wii.


  • The first Pokémon title in the hugely popular series made for Wii, and the first Wii game to feature Wi-Fi competition
  • The first game to link Nintendo DS and Wii. When linked, players can use their DS as a controller or import characters from Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl.
  • Players can battle in full 3D using the Pokémon they raised in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl.


The nation is dominated by Pokémon at the moment, making this is an ideal time to release Pokémon Battle Revolution. Its online mode may not be as it should, and it may not be the most original Wii game on the horizon, but it should still be an essential companion to anyone who owns a copy of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl. Stay tuned for our review.

Staff Avatar Christopher Dring
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"By the power of Greyskull!"

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