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EA Sports
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November 19, 2006

Madden NFL 07

For over 14 years, EA has been spitting out Madden games on a yearly basis. Each year has brought new gameplay features, updated player rosters and upgraded graphics. However, after 17 different installations of the Madden franchise, EA is fundamentally changing the way the game is played in Madden NFL 07 for Wii.


Not available at this time.


Madden NFL 07 for Wii had a very short demo at E3, giving us just enough time to gleam some interesting details.

Graphically, the game is on par with current generation offerings. The animations were passable, but noticeably less fluid than the other next generation versions of the game. This was to be expected as Madden NFL 07 for Wii is all about the way you play the game.M

The demo started off in a training camp where you would be taught the basics of the game through a couple of mini-games.

The first mini-game was the quarterback challenge. To complete this mode you were taught how to pass the ball to the different players. Basically all five receivers are assigned a button on the Wii remote, including the A button and the four directions on the dpad. When a receiver flashes, you tap the corresponding button and then swing the remote forward in a passing motion to send the ball flying through the air to its destination. Swiping the remote quickly would make the pass fast and direct; slowly swinging the remote would cause the pass to lob leisurely to the receiver.

The second mini-game trained you how to kick the ball. In essence, you would aim the trajectory of the kick with the nunchuck analog stick, press the A button to start the kick and then swing the remote in an upward “kicking” motion. Once again, the speed of your swing affects the power of the kick, but you also have make sure you keep the remote level and not tilt it, as this will influence the direction of the ball.

Finally, it’s off to your first full game where you will apply all that you have learned.

During a game, you select your play using a floating curser controlled by the Wii remote, similar to a laser pointer. After you pick your play it’s game time. Hike the ball by physically “hiking” the remote and pulling it up toward you, and then execute your passing or running play that you have chosen. Once in control of the ball, you run using the analog stick and have access to a variety of defensive maneuvers: you can spin by pressing the A button, dive by pressing B, cover the ball by pressing C and finally sprint with the Z button. The other running features include the juke and the stiff arm. To juke your opponent, you just need to flick the nunchuck to the left or the right. To pull off a stiff arm, flick the remote portion of the controller in the direction you want to stick out your characters arm.

Unfortunately, the demo was short and we had no time to test out the controls while on defense to see if there were any Wii specific features included.

word on the street

Madden enthusiasts seem to be cautiously intrigued about the Wii version of their beloved game. While the game looks on par with the current GameCube offerings, it’s the idea of physically passing and kicking for an entire game that seems to raise the most eyebrows. Many wonder if the novelty will wear off even before their arms give out in exhaustion. That said, we’ll have to hold out until later this year to see if any of those assertions are true.

press release notes

Huddle up sports fans, Madden NFL 07 is coming to Wii! Madden NFL 07, the world’s most popular sports game, is being custom-designed for Nintendo’s groundbreaking next generation game console, Wii. Conceived as an entirely original football experience, the game will put players on the field like never before. Using the console’s unique remote to pass, kick, snap, throw, catch and run, players will interact with the game in an entirely new way. Boasting massive gameplay innovations inspired by the motion sensor of the remote, Madden NFL 07 maximizes the power and unique design of the game system.


If you’re a fan of the Madden series, but you’re becoming weary of the same old gameplay, the Wii version will be like a breath of fresh air. Our only advice is that you play this game with the wrist strap on to avoid chucking the remote at your TV during a pass in the middle of heated game.

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