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May 31, 2005

Digimon World 4

If there is one positive aspect to the GameCubeís shallow selection of games available during the month of May, itís that we get the chance to examine some of the ďsmallerĒ titles that would otherwise be neglected. Digimon World 4 is one such title. As one of the first Pokemon derivatives, Bandaiís Digimon is no stranger to the anime-ted world of monster catching and creature raising pioneered by Nintendo. In fact, the other three Digimon World games all appeared on the first PlayStation system (unfortunately, to rather poor criticism). These games, however, arenít about ensnaring the wild animals; instead, you play as them--and this time, your friends can play right alongside you.



From the get-go, players are fit into the role of a digital guardian suited with the task of protecting the digital world that the denizens of Digimon inhabit. As in Segaís Phantasy Star Online, players come to being in a central nexus point of sorts, from which they are debriefed and can organize themselves prior to engaging in missions and/or combat. The similarities to Segaís series donít end there, if only because both titles are in fact action-RPG hybrids. Attacks require you to time your button pushing (whether they be inherent or through magic), and key stats (such as MP and HP) determine your continued stamina. However, Digimon World 4 isnít so much a dungeon crawler in that you have to select platforms and sections to jump to when youíve ventured so far in a given room or area. While colorful, the few environments that exist appear awfully generic, if satisfactory enough for a game that only costs $29.99. Which, of course, brings me to my next point...

word on the street

While not quite the same bargain as last yearís twenty-dollar Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (a fighting game offshoot), the consumer will still pay twenty dollars less for Digimon World 4 than they would a standard item of software for any console. With that in mind, fans of the series could theoretically pick up both this thirty-dollar title and Rumble Arena 2 without breaching their single-game budget. While the Digimon games may not appeal to all gamers (even at reduced prices), its intended crowd of youngsters and other miscellaneous budget gamers is reached with ease.

press release notes

Brace yourself, the Digimon are back and theyíre ready for another adventure! Access to the real world has been terminated and a sinister new world has been discovered. It is up to the Digital Security Guard to find out who or what is causing these curious events. Play as your favorite Digimon and battle your way across the servers of the Digimon World! Itís up to you to save the Digital World! Key features include:

  • Includes Limited Edition Dorumon Trading Card!
  • Customize your Digimon Ė collect weapons, armor and items to customize your Digimonís skills and attributes.
  • Simultaneous play for up to 4 players at a time!
  • Featuring 16 of your favorite Digimon Ė as seen on TV.
  • Featuring game-original Digimon!
  • Collect virtual key chains and trading cards!


Bandai is boasting a healthy array of new features that theyíre probably hoping make Digimon World 4 a more well-received product than its predecessors. Most of the game's ideas sound good on paper, though the final product can go either way-- weíll have to wait a bit to see if this one pans out. Given the need for affordable entertainment on the GameCube, I should hope Iím not the only Nintendo fan who wants Bandai to succeed with Digimon, at the very least, on a critical level.

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