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Mad Catz
Mad Catz
November 22, 2004

MC Groovz danceCraze

Are you a maniac? Do you want to dance like you have never danced before? Most importantly, do you shove Cheetos in your plastic lined pockets so you can always have a snack at the tip of your fingers? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, especially the last one, then saddle up because Mad Catz has just the game for you.

Dance Dance Revolution has dominated the dancing game genre ever since Konami first created it. Unfortunately, for some reason Konami has never brought this series to the GameCube platform. Maybe itís because they think GameCube owners are lazy, or maybe itís because they know that, with a little exercise, GameCube owners will get magical powers which will be used to crush our enemies and impress the ladies with our new found dancing skillz. I donít know which reason it is, but Iím sure itís one of those. Either way, never fear because Mad Catz is here and they are bringing their own interactive music title called, MC Groovz danceCraze.



Itís true, Mad Catz's upcoming game MC Groovz danceCraze sounds like one of those fancy numbered meals you order from the talking box over at a fast food place, however, let me assure you that while this game may be fast it is neither good looking or edible (which is actually very similar to most fast food). So is this game going to be the next big hit or just something to keep GameCube owners busy while everyone else is dancing away on the their DDR Pads? Letís find out.

At first glance (as well as every other glance after that) you play this just as you would any other dancing game. Now if you have been living in a hole of some sorts for the past few years you may not know what a dancing game is. So before we go any further let me tell you what a dancing game is.

Essentially you stand on a pad (much like the NES Power Pad) and wait for arrows, dots, symbols, or whatever, to scroll across the screen and once they reach a certain spot you are supposed to step on the corresponding button. Now all the stepping you do to keep up with the game is supposed to look like dancing. It doesnít look like dancing. Trust me, Iíve seen people perform the steps to songs without a pad and at best it looks like your feet are trying to run away from the rest of your body. While it is possible that this game will be different and when you start busting out all your mad MC Groovz danceCraze skillz you may actually look like you are dancing. Chances are you will look like you are attacking a fleet of invisible bugs, but hey, the possibility that you may actually look like a talented dancer is still there. So thatís how the game plays but what about different modes and ways of playing the game?

One of the more unique aspects of MC Groovz danceCraze is the... um. Well nothing really. The game has 4 modes: Dance, Dance Together, Dance Face Off, and Dance Workout. All of these modes have been seen before in other games and unless they are keeping some big secret from us these modes donít seem to be any better or different from similar modes found in other dancing games. But in case you havenít played any of the other dancing games this is how each mode breaks down. In the Dance mode youÖ ďdanceĒ to a song... seriously thatís all there is to it. Then there is Dance Together which is basically the CO-OP mode of dancing games. In this mode you and another person (hopefully a friend and not some stranger who keeps you tied up in the basement and only lets you out to play video games with them) perform different steps to the same song and get a single score. Dance Face Off is the only real competitive mode and in it you, along with a friend or enemy, ďdanceĒ to same song and perform the same steps. The person with the highest score at the end of Dance Face Off wins. Got it so far? Good, finally there is Dance Workout, which is as far as I am concerned the only really interesting mode, and great for those people who have plastic lined pockets.

Dance Workout is a special mode made specifically for working out the good old cardiovascular system and burning calories along the way. Itís no secret that people have been using Dance Dance Revolution to lose weight and get in shape for years. Iím not sure exactly how this mode is different from any of the other modes. But hey it least now when your mom yells at you to stop playing your mind warping video games you can honestly say that you are working out and being somewhat productive.

Now you may be thinking that 4 different modes isnít exactly a whole lot of variety. Thatís true itís not. However, there is one nice little twist to it all. You have the choice of playing MC Groovz danceCraze in two different styles. That is in either Spin or Scroll style. Scroll style is the traditional style in which arrows scroll up the screen and you use only four of the eight buttons on the pad. In Spin style though the arrows are fully 3-D and you make use of all eight buttons on the pad. Itís not a major difference and similar things have been done before but it is something. Now letís talk more about them fancy 3-D arrows.

When I first saw this game I got this eerie feeling that it looked somewhat familiar. After a few seconds of thinking it dawned on me, this game looks like a really bad Windows Media Player Visualization with arrows and other crazy shenanigans flying around on it. Now donít get me wrong I like swirling, muddy mixtures of colors just as much as the next person but after about 30 seconds you begin to want something a little cleaner. It is possible, however, that the final graphics will be much better then they appear in the screenshots. Itís also possible that tomorrow Professor E. Gadd will invent a car that runs on sand and gets 100 miles to the pound. Personally though, Iím not getting my hopes up. Now it is true that dancing games donít need heavy graphics because, graphics really are the least important aspect of a dancing game. Thatí doesnít mean, however, that game companies should be stingy with the graphics either just because it is a dancing game. So, if graphics are the least important factor in a dance game what is the most important factor? MusicÖ sweet, sweet music.So how good is the music? Well that all depends on your taste. Unfortunately Iím not a big music buff so I canít really say much about the music other then you will have to check out the song list for yourself to see if it meets your taste. From what I do know the music selection seems decent enough to keep most people happy. Unless of course the only music you like comes from ICP.

word on the street

MC Groovz danceCraze is one of Mad Catz first real games. Thing is, it seems like they only made the game so that they could make and sell a dance pad for the GameCube. This isnít really a bad thing either since it is the only dance game that will be available on the GameCube for sometime. However, with the game being relatively unknown, a 49.99 price tag (which really isnít half bad price for a pad and game combo), and this being one of the biggest years for games in a long time, donít expect this game to get to many sales beyond the hardcore dance gamers who happen to own a GameCube.

press release notes

Are you ready to bust some moves? Step into the extreme Mad Catz MC GROOVZ danceCRAZE, and enjoy improving your talent in time with some of the best all-time groove hits. With the Mad Catz Beat Pad, your footwork puts you in control of the game! You can practice to become a better dancer, show off your talent, compete against a friend, and even get dance-tastic exercise. Plus, you can still boogie down using the Nintendo GameCube Controller.

Enjoy dancing to many of your favorite tunes by Jessica Simpson, Jewel, Kevin Lyttle, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, KC and the Sunshine Band... just to name a few. The whole family will enjoy dancing to the wide variety of music available.


After reading all that you may think that I have ill feelings towards dancing games in general and the truth is that I do. I canít dance with or without a machine. However, that doesnít mean you wonít have a ton of fun playing a game like this. I mean clearly dancing games are fun because if they werenít then there wouldnít be a line at the Arcade for DDR. True this doesnít look like it is going to be the greatest dancing game out there but it is the only one available for the GameCube. So if you are big or big on dance games and have a GameCube then I say keep an eye on MC Groovz danceCraze as well as any future dance games that may come our way.

Staff Avatar Matthew Stokes
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"Don't hate the console. Hate the game."

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