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October 19, 2004

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

In its relatively short history, the video game industry has always had crappy, shovelware platformers readily available to parent shoppers, toddlers who donít know better, or gamers who donít read reviews at trusted sources (like Nintendojo!) The original Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was one such game. It was one of those ďit isnít THAT bad, but...Ē type of platformers in which you just realized that there are a million better platforming choices out there, especially on a Nintendo console.

But being a guy with journalistic integrity, I of course have to put aside any prejudices about the original game and focus on the latest offering from our Australian Tiger thing (Ty.) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue stars the same created-by-marketing-department hero and created-by-the-devil Boss Cass, the major villain in the game. The developers have promised a brand new game engine and redesigned gameplay that they feel will blow away gamers. So sit back and see what our Australian friend has to offer.



The graphics are pretty good and look sharp and crisp. The problem is that at the moment they lack detail; many of the backgrounds and environments shown in screen shots look disturbingly similar. Also, the graphics donít stand out in any way. They are reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank for the PS2 in terms of style, except Ratchet and Clank looks slightly better too. Or maybe Iím just saying that because of the giant robots. But the real meat of the gameís graphical presentation is the new Living Environment Technology System (LETS.) In short, it allows far more interactive environments and levels than your standard platformer. For example, leaves will sway in the wind realistically.

The core gameplay has been refined. Instead of playing like a stone-age platformer that requires you to tediously collect gems to upgrade weapons, the game now has an actual monetary system. Tyís arsenal of boomerangs are back, but now he can pack some serious firepower. As mentioned above, Ty can commandeer five different mechs, give him new strengths and abilities not otherwise available. The mechs are specialized in different types of terrain. One mech, for example, can travel on lava.

The pace of the game is kept fresh with minigames and vehicle sequences, in which you can control helicopters, submarines and more. In addition, the game is less linear, allowing players to do what they want when they want. Itís no Animal Crossing, but itís certainly an improvement over the first game.

There are numerous other small fixes and improvements that kick the ass of the first game all over the place. Lookiní good so far, Ty.

word on the street

The game community is actually showing quite a bit of interest in this sequel considering the first Tyís lackluster performance. Perhaps itís because itís been a while since a good platformer has come out. Word on the street is that the minigames in Ty 2 will be of the kart variety (a la a 3D version of the Donkey Kong mine levels.) They are unlockable and each one is diverse. The outlook in general on this game is positive.

press release notes

Everyone's favorite Tasmanian Tiger returns to take back the Outback this fall in TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue.

TY, the wild yet charismatic, boomerang wielding Tasmanian Tiger will lead players through a brilliantly animated new 3D adventure set in the ruggedness and splendor of Australia.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 picks up where the original popular action platform game left off. The cast of characters from Down Under has grown, and so has the action! Evil Boss Cass has broken out of Currawong Jail and hatched a plan to take over the world with an army of Uber Reptiles. Itís up to our boomerang-wielding hero, TY, and his newly formed team of Burramudgee Bush Rescue mates to stop him!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2 offers platform gamers a huge open environment to explore by foot and vehicle. Gamers can now enjoy more excitement and adventure, with more boomerangs, "Mech units" with special powers and abilities, off-road open world action, and a wide variety of gameplay styles.

  • TY is equipped with an arsenal of 21 upgradeable boomerangs, including the Lasharang, Kaboomarang, and Megarang.
  • Collect precious opals and trade them off in a new monetary system that lets players buy and trade weapons for TY.
  • The game features five different ďMech unitsĒ to help TY fight large numbers of enemies and complete mini-missions. With these ďMech unitsĒ TY will have the ability to swim under lava; shoot lasers, Blastorangs, water or fire; and much more.
  • TY will also be challenged to complete driving and flying missions featuring combat and puzzle solving, with access to helicopters, submarines, and off-road trucks.
  • Unlockable cart racing mini-games will allow gamers to challenge their friends in seven unique cart racing levels set across different areas of the Outback.
  • Explore the Australian Outback by foot or vehicle in an open world filled with excitement and danger around every corner.
  • Interact with a cast of 100+ characters indigenous to the Australian Outback who help TY in his adventures and battles against Boss Cass.
  • Fight off Boss Cass and his evil Uber Reptile minions in more than 50 missions set in an enormous world that includes Australian deserts, rain forests, billabongs, sunny beaches, and country towns.
  • The game features Living Environment Technology (LETS) to create lush organic environments; streaming level technology for large worlds of uninterrupted gameplay; and realistic cloth simulation.


Overall, the series is shaping up. The graphics and gameplay are finally reaching par. Will Ty 2 be able to compete with the heavyweights Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter and, of course, Mario? Weíll have to wait and see if history repeats itself.

Staff Avatar Kwan Perng
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"Relax, it's just a game."

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