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Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts
September 20, 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

So Tiger Woods has not won a “major” since the 2002 U.S. Open.

So Tiger Woods is not the No. 1 golfer in the world.

So Tiger Woods, in all likelihood, will not finish atop the 2004 PGA Tour Money List.

So what? The man has an EA Sports franchise that bears his name (well, that and a Swedish model as a fiancée, but that’s neither here nor there). This counts for something, right?



At this year’s E3, I had the opportunity to sample Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 – for the GameCube! (Those who read Nintendojo’s previews of Madden NFL 2005, NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup, and NHL 2005 should know why this is a big deal.) A few moments with the game made two things clear:

One, it is nothing like Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. PGA Tour 2005 is, at its heart, a golfing simulation – an “EA Sports golf game.” It is to golf what a Madden NFL game is to professional football or what an NHL game is to ice hockey.

Keeping in line with the above theme, the oh-so-realistic swing dynamic (the analog stick, not a timing meter, controls the swing) featured in PGA Tour 2003 and 2004 returns.

Two, as The Horse’s Mouth affirms, customization plays more than a bit role.

word on the street

Last year's incarnation of Tiger Woods PGA Tour was a huge success and made golf fans out of some of the most unlikely gamers, much in the same way that Mario Tennis and Mario Golf 64 created tennis and golf fans, except in the simulation genre rather than arcade. The buzz is that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 will not only repeat this past success, but trounce it.

press release notes

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 challenges gamers to take on the man who has changed golf forever – Tiger Woods. The revolutionary new Tiger-Proofing course alteration technology will change the way golf is played. Using the Tiger-Proofing system, create that intensely challenging course you've always dreamed about. Modify course dynamics and call out your PGA Tour rivals by adding lengthier Tiger tees, tighter fairways, dramatic undulations to greens, deeper bunkers, higher rough, and more. An enhanced EA Sports GameFace featuring non-proportional bone scaling and texture blending will expand the opportunity to create more realistic looks, right down to the bags under your eyes. After creating your own golfer and making a name for yourself, unlock the chance to tee off against some of golf's greatest legends including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan and become a golf legend yourself.

Key Console Features

  • New TigerProofing: TigerProofing is a revolutionary course-altering system that allows players to modify course dynamics and create the most intensely competitive course imaginable. Alter tee-box length, width and patterns on fairways and greens, the depth of a greenside bunker, and even the color of the leaves on the trees, course moisture, and the season which you play. The ultimate objective is to create your dream 18 with a combination of your favorite holes, increasing course difficulty with money you earn on the Legends Tour building a prestige rating that will attract PGA Tour Pros and legends to your course.
  • Legends Tour: Take on the legends of golf including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan and become a legend yourself! Build up your GameFace created character by successfully completing challenges and events, working your way up to competing with the legends themselves and earning cash prizes, apparel, and equipment.
  • EA Sports GameFace II: The industry leading GameFace technology just got a whole lot deeper, with more control and freedom to let you express your creative vision from a youthful prodigy to a grizzled veteran. GameFace provides nearly infinite combinations of facial proportions and features, fully customizable body shape and tone, and a host of new equipment and accessories to earn to adorn the created player. To further customize your character, you can use Create-a-Swing, selecting the posture, knee flex, grip, and hand placement for your character's swing. You can even have a bit of fun and challenge yourself to create the worst-looking yet still functioning swing imaginable.
  • New Courses: Eight new licensed courses and two new fantasy courses have been added for a total of 14 courses. New licensed courses for console only include Coeur d'Alene and Colonial Country Club. New licensed courses for both console and PC include Sherwood Country Club, Fancourt Golf Club Estate, and Troon North – Monument Course. Returning favorites Pebble Beach Golf Links, St. Andrews Links, and TPC at Sawgrass are also included along with three original designs including Greek Isles (console only), Paradise Cove (console only), or Emerald Dragon (both PC and console).
  • More Players: Compete as or against 15 different PGA Tour players including Tiger Woods, John Daly, Vijay Singh, Charles Howell III, Notah Begay III, and Jesper Parnevik, among others. Additionally, 14 new fantasy characters will challenge you on the links.
  • Total Precision Swing: New putting and chipping systems allow for more control on the green or when you leave an approach shot short. Players will have more control over their game by deciding the placement of the ball and directing whether to hit it straight, fade, or draw it back.
  • Play a Career: In PGA Tour Season mode for console versions, play along with the 52-week PGA Tour calendar of events for up to 10 seasons. Obtain sponsorships from real golf equipment manufacturers throughout your career and drive to surpass Tiger as number one on the overall money list.
  • Real-Time Events: Using the game hardware's internal clock, actual events appear at appropriate times of year.
  • Golf's Best Commentators: David Feherty and Gary McCord make up the announcing Dream Team and provide their commentary and irreverent observations on each round.


The electronic Tiger Woods, unlike his real-life counterpart, looks to be in fine form. As such, effective September 20, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 will become the best golf title available for the GameCube. It’s that simple.

Staff Avatar Brett Fulesday
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"Knowledge is the key to success."

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