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August 30, 2004

WWE Day of Reckoning

Even though the game is expected to ship within days, we managed to get some hands-on time with WWE Day of Reckoning, the exclusive GameCube wrestler from THQ. At the press event in Beverly Hills, we managed to check this title out just before it ships out to retailers next week. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a much more solid, better looking, and creative wrestling title for the GameCube than last year’s Wrestlemania XIX. With so many games floating around at the event, we were able to have some personal time with the final product. Check out our thoughts.



We managed to catch a few different game modes including single, tag team, triple threat, and fatal 4-way. These matches play just as similar as any other wrestling game you may have played before; although the action is much more finely tuned as it was in its GameCube predecessor. There’s also a few other match-types in each game mode including hell in a cell, tables-ladders-and-chairs, and tornado tag team. The most exciting, of course, is the new bra and panties match, which debuts on the GameCube this year. Two WWE Divas duke it out, meanwhile trying to tear the clothes off of one another. It’s a great sight to see when surrounded by several other boozed-up editors.

However, WWE Day of Reckoning centers around the Story mode, which was introduced in last year’s WWE Wrestlemania XIX. Considering how flimsy that mode worked, we were a little skeptical. Thankfully, our thoughts were revived. The Story mode in this title works much like it does in EA’s Def Jam Vendetta. You’ll start out in the minor leagues of entertainment until you move up to the WWE. Once you sign a contract to get into Smackdown, you’ll meet different factions which betray you. You’ll then spend the rest of the game plotting your revenge and reaching the top to gain the championship belt. It sounds much more entertaining than fighting three goons at a time in a shopping mall who all turn out to be professional wrestlers also.

The roster is filled to the brim with 40 superstars including Triple H, John Cena, and The Rock. They’ve included wrestling WWE Legends as well such as Andre the Giant (Anybody want a peanut?) and Roudy Roddy Piper. The roster is huge and has something for everyone. Moving on to the visuals, everything here has been tweaked. The character models are photo-realistic and are made of a ton of polygons. The animations look more painful than ever. Everything here looks great and completely re-polished. The sound effects are amazingly well produced. It sounds clear and brings the pain to your ears, providing hours of wincing as you grab your opponent’s face or knee them in the groin a few times.

word on the street

Exclusive. Wrestling is on the tongues of many gamers right now with the upcoming release of the Raw and Smackdown franchises on the Xbox and PS2 respectively. However, the GameCube has strayed away from the typical Wrestlemania franchise and moved into Day of Reckoning. Having our own exclusive wrestler is exciting, especially considering that it’s the first to hit shelves before Smackdown or Raw. Gamers will easily eat it up, especially considering the exclusivity.

press release notes

  • School of Hard Knocks: Players take their created Superstar up the ranks in a completely original story mode that begins in the "minor leagues" of sports entertainment, through WWE Velocity & Heat all the way to the big-time of WWE programming.
  • WWE Legends!
  • Bra & Panties – For the first time in a WWE GameCube product, players can choose their favorite WWE Divas and go head-to-head in the famous Bra & Panties match.
  • Redesigned Graphics & Environments – New detailed models and crowd environments with dynamic lighting and pyrotechnic effects featuring TV-style presentation capturing all the WWE Attitude.
  • Location Specific Damage & Unique Superstar Attributes - Players can target specific body parts and wear down their opponents.


If you’re a fan of wrestling titles, you’re probably all sorts of jazzed-up about this game. WWE Day of Reckoning has come a long way since we saw it at E3 and we’re happy to say that the final product may very well be worth your dollar. As it stands, we’ll save most of the information we got for our review which you can check out early next week. Stay tuned to Nintendojo.

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