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Heavy Iron Studios
November 2, 2004


During the THQ press event in Beverly Hills, we had a chance to check out a much more complete build of the Pixar-based video game, The Incredibles. The build we saw at E3 and the San Diego Comic Con had only three levels available, showcasing only two characters. In this build, there are five new levels bringing the total to eight. Included was the pint-sized superhero, Dash, who has the incredible ability to… yes, dash at incredible speeds. Everything seems to be shaping up and considering that Heavy Iron Studios is well on their way to completing the game, we were in for a treat.



The first couple of levels we saw from the game, we’ve seen countless times before and we can just say that they look great, awesome, and we want to play them more. Moving on, though. Next we checked out a bank-heist level, which acts as a sort of Tutorial for the player. Moving over certain markers on the ground prompted control inputs for certain objectives such as jumping, punching bad guys, throwing things at switches and lifting heavy objects. Playing as Mr. Incredible seems more fun than ever, picking up baddies, swinging around and tossing them, clothes-lining electronics, it’s all here. One of the more important elements found in this level is the sheer size of the environments. Outside, upon the roofs of the buildings around the bank, you can see brilliant sky-lines and towering skyscrapers in the distance, all rendered beautifully. We were amazed that Heavy Iron could pull this off and they’ve done a terrific job capturing the feel of the movie just with this one area. We later saw Elasti-Girl in an area of the same level taking care of the henchmen with her extreme reach powers, much like Mr. Fantastic, of the Four that is. Although she doesn’t have the sheer power of Mr. Incredible, she’s still handy in a fight.

Next up, we saw a couple of levels featuring Dash. The first was a suburban area where Dash sprints across streets, avoiding cars and other obstacles in order to beat the bus to school. After all, if you missed the bus and had super powers like that, you’d do the same thing, right? Of course you would. As the timer ticked away, Dash crossed checkpoint after checkpoint until finally crossing the finish line, which is always displayed on the distance meter in the right-hand side of the screen. The next level put Dash in a jungle-type environment where he would dodge trees, plants, and other obstacles. Running through a giant, hollow cavern covered in spider-webs freaked us out a little and the rest of the level is intense, challenging and beautiful. From what we saw, controlling Dash seems like controlling a car with nitro boosts. Only tripping over potholes and gopher holes are a bit of a pain.

Next, we saw a fire level. Of course, no action game would be complete without a fire-level complete with goons with flame-throwers and a burning building. Mr. Fantastic breaks into a burning building with an obvious objective, unknown to us. What made this level stand out for us is the amazing features and detail within the building. Flying embers and the amazing flame-thrower particle effects are all impressive. Crashing through burned chunks of the building leaves Mr. Incredible’s suit charred and burnt. It’s a very cool effect that dissolves over time, unfortunately.

Visually, everything is in place for an amazing action game. We saw dozens of enemies on the screen at once and everything still ran along smoothly at 60 frames per second. The environments are obviously amazing, filled with lively backgrounds and a surprising attention to detail. From an audio standpoint, everything is coming together swimmingly. All of the original voice-actors, save for Craig T. Nelson (since he’s obviously incredibly busy at the moment), came in to record original dialogue for the game. Samuel L. Jackson even provides the voice for his character, Fro-zone, who narrates the game ala Bruce Campbell in Spider-Man 2. All of the music is done from the original composer and the sound effects are produced to crystal clarity.

Most everything in this game is completely original. Although the game follows the main plotline of the film, most of the events in the video game has been brought to life by Heavy Iron in cooperation with Pixar. In fact, the Story Manager of the film helped out in the development process as well as the making-of documentary that will be featured in the game. Other unlockable content will include concept art and clips from the film. With the help of freelance animators from Pixar, everything is coming together. We can expect more than 20 levels and eight different play mechanics. Yum.

word on the street

Incredible. It’s a little corny, but yes, that’s really the buzz that’s floating around concerning the movie, the game, and anything relating to Pixar’s upcoming action title. Gamers everywhere are huge fans of the Pixar films and with Brad Bird under the helm of this one, we’re looking at a big, action-packed adventure with the Pixar touch. As far as the game goes, the buzz after E3 was rather huge and we’re only just now going through the backlash. The movie is coming up sooner than we think and the game is as well. With even more secrets to be revealed with an upcoming trailer in the next few weeks, we are being fed from an eye-dropper with info. Gamers like that kind of stuff.

press release notes

  • Action/adventure game based on the plotline of the movie
  • Play as all the film's main characters
  • Fighting, racing, and puzzle action/adventure gameplay featuring the characters' unique superpowers
  • Live the film's action, adventure, and humor over 18 levels


The Incredibles is looking fantastic. Running along at a steady 60 frames per second, it shows that Heavy Iron has worked their fingers to the bone on this title. With more involvement from Pixar than any other film-based game, gamers will certainly be surprised with the finished result. After going through so many areas in this eight-level demo, we must see more! We also need to see some bloopers with Sam Jackson preaching to Mr. Fantastic and saying the F-word a lot. Glory be. For now, stay tuned as we’ll have more updated information concerning this title in the coming weeks. Check back with us for a full review.

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