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Real-Time Strategy
August 30, 2004

Pikmin 2

At first I pictured Pikmin 2 as a plain sequel to the original game with just a few minor add-ins (multiplayer mode… that’s it) and two new Pikmin, I could not have been more wrong. Pikmin 2 offers much more than the original and improves on it in every conceivable way -- everything from variety to sound, graphics and gameplay. The original game has been renovated to a spectacular sequel that has become a must have for GameCube owners everywhere.



In Pikmin 2, the company Captain Olimar works for, Hocotate Freight, has run into a dilemma; a 10,000 Poco (Hocotate currency) size dilemma! This massive debt is all thanks to a ravenous space bunny that has taken a payload of carrots from a deliveryman named Louie. To make up for this incredible loss, Captain Olimar and Louie travel to the Pikmin planet in search of treasure that they can bring back and sell. The Captain and his partner will have to rely on the Pikmin to aid them in their treasure hunt.

As I mentioned earlier, there are two new Pikmin added to this game for extra help: Purple and White. Naturally, the previous color Pikmin, Red, Blue, and Yellow are present. For all of those new comers and those curious as to what the new Pikmin do, this next little segment is for you guys.

First, lets cover the three original Pikmin, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

  • The Red Pikmin are what you begin the game with, as was in the original. They are the best all around fighters, can take out larger enemies with rather quickly, and are quite fast on the ground. They are also immune to fire, which will come in handy later in the game.
  • The next color is the Blue Pikmin. These little guys aren’t the best of fighters, but they are the only ones able to walk and breathe under water. This comes in handy when needing to drain a pool of water for other Pikmin to cross or in order to take out aquatic enemies.
  • The Yellow Pikmin are the next on my list. These little buggers have been given a face-lift (not literally of course but rather a great upgrade) from the original; they are now impervious to electrical shocks. This means they are the only ones able to take out an electrical fence or take on electrified enemies. They are also the lightest so they can be thrown the highest, which allows them to reach greater heights than the other Pikmin. As in the original, they should be the only ones able to carry bombs as well.

Now for all of the curious folk out there, the new Pikmin.

  • The White Pikmin are quite speedy and are immune to poison emitted by plants, mechanical things, and select poisonous creatures, they are also poisonous themselves. Also, their big red eyes allow them to see treasure that the other Pikmin are unable to spot.
  • The Purple Pikmin are the largest of them all, and also the slowest. But despite their slowness they are strong, 10 times as strong to be exact. This means something that may take 100 Pikmin to lift would only take 10 Purple ones. Also, using their weight, the Purple Pikmin are able to be thrown above enemies and squash them with incredible force.

Well there you have it, a quick little guide to what each little Pikmin do in their own little world.

The gameplay in Pikmin 2 has been slightly altered from the original. Although the night and day aspect (where your Pikmin are in serious danger from night prowling animals) is still in effect, the time limit that bound you in the original has been removed. Also, with Captain Olimar’s partner running about, you will be able to control him as well as a second group of Pikmin. This is a great addition to the game because now you are able to maintain two duties at the same time with more Pikmin, which will end up being very useful.

There are four differently themed areas in Pikmin 2, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, each of which are divided into several subterranean caves (19 in all). In addition to the new areas, there are going to be 200 different little trinkets to collect, as opposed to the 30 in the original. You’ll have plenty to do in this 30+ hour game, so there shouldn’t be any complaints about its length, which is much to say compared to the original.

There have been two new modes added: Challenge Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In Challenge Mode (unlocked after 50% of the Main Quest is complete) you are required to go through a series of randomly generated dungeons with a set number, and type, of Pikmin in a certain amount of time. At the end of the mission you are judged on how fast you completed it and how many Pikmin remain in your group. If you finish all of the Challenges with a perfect score (no Pikmin lost) you will unlock something cool.

Not only will you be able to traverse through many new and different environments spanning across this 30+ hour game (as opposed to the 5 hours of the original); you can now do it with a friend. There has been a co-op mode added and also (this is cool), you can fight your friends Pikmin style. You are able to duke it out with Pikmin in a fight mode where you try to capture your opponents marble (like capture the flag) or gather four yellow marbles before they do, and, if your Pikmin meet theirs… well, lets leave the rest up to you. The game ends when all of your opponents Pikmin die, your character runs out of health, or the marble is taken from one base to the other. You can dispatch flies, blowfish, and other enemies or hazards on your opponents along with getting power ups for your Pikmin and character. The Pikmin battling sounds like it can capture loads of time from you and your friend(s) (it’s only 2 player but that shouldn’t stop friends from taking turns) as you battle each other to prove who’s the better Pikmin commander.

Along with new Pikmin, new modes, a second character (Louie), new enemies and a much longer game, what else could any Pikmin fan ask for? How about new suits and abilities for Captain Olimar and his partner…? Done. Yes, the Captain and his sidekick have upgrades to their suits along with two really cool special abilities. They are able to upgrade their suits to become impervious to certain attacks, learn to fight even without the Pikmin, and a whistle upgrade that pops buried Pikmin right out of the ground without having to pull them up one by one. There are also two power-ups that require Olimar and Louie to search for red and purple juice. The purple juice allows Olimar to turn an enemy to stone for a short period of time while the red juice gives the Pikmin super fighting power for a limited time. These new upgrades for Olimar and Louie’s suits are going to be really fun to watch and will help add a little *oomph* to the two Hocotate’s role in the game, other than commanding the Pikmin and plucking them out of the ground.

The graphics in this next Pikmin game look just as great as the original though not much has changed, it does look a little better overall. The brilliant colors and amazingly original enemies remain as pleasing and entertaining as ever, as do the Pikmin. New effects from the new Pikmin look and sound outstanding and the new suit upgrades are promising to look, and sound, cool as well. The little miniature environments are detailed very nicely and the games overall appearance looks fantastic. Some cool little things that were added in this game are the chuckling of some creatures when they knock your Pikmin’s flower off, your Pikmin running around in disgust at the sight of an egg maggot, and being able to see your poor Pikmin inside the belly of a jellyfish if they are unfortunately eaten. Graphically, this is a strong and solid game with some great upgrades from the original.

word on the street

People are really excited about being able to use the 2 new Pikmin in all-new environments. Kids and adults alike are looking forward to playing this next Pikmin game and quite a few plan on preordering it. The new multiplayer mode has many excited and the random dungeon creation in the Challenge Mode along with the new suits that aid Olimar and Louie through their adventure, have many, including myself, tickled pink. Also, with the elimination of the time limit, new Pikmin and enemies, and the variety of 200 different items to collect and sell, Pikmin 2 is promising to become a must have for any GameCube owner.

press release notes

  • Captain Olimar has returned to the planet of the Pikmin in this sequel to the popular action/strategy game
  • Delegate work to the Pikmin using Captain Olimar and his new assistant
  • Command your Pikmin to defeat enemies, propagate more Pikmin, collect precious doodads, and solve puzzles
  • Take advantage of new colors of Pikmin and use new items strategically
  • For 1 or 2 players


Overall, Pikmin 2 is looking to be a fantastic sequel (no original destroying follow-up here). The new Pikmin and enemies along with the addition of a Multiplayer and Challenge Mode are going to add much to this new, 30+ hour game. The games graphics are strong and the new add-ons to Captain Olimar and Louie’s suits are going to be very fun to mess around with. The new Pikmin and enemies are going to be pretty fun to manipulate and fight as well. With new environments and a greatly extended gameplay experience, Pikmin 2 promises to be a fantastic title that any GameCube owner should add to their collection.

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