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EA Canada & Aki Corp.
EA Games
September 2004

Def Jam Vendetta II (tentative)

After taking a brief look of what EA Canada has to offer with the successor to one of 2003's greatest wrestling titles, it is easy to say that we're definitely in for a treat come this Fall. After they announced Def Jam: Fight for NY, EA Games released a small set of screenshots as well as a teaser trailer. We've examined this trailer to microscopic detail and made some initial impressions. It's hard to say for sure how any of this will play out in the end, but one thing is definitely for sure: This game will knock your socks off by the time it arrives.



As EA confirmed in their press release yesterday, there will be several fighters available, including 35 artists like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and old favorites like Redman and Method Man. There'll even be female fighters like Carmen Electra and Lil` Kim. Throughout the trailer, we saw fan favorite Method Man taking it to some new guy. Dropping him on his face and kicking him through a wooden pillar, if it weren't a videogame, this guy'd be dead. The question remains, however. Who else will be a part of Def Jam: Fight for NY? Will we still see DMX? What other stars are in development that we haven't heard from yet? Also featured in the trailer is the mention of 70 fighters, 40 artists (as opposed to the 35 from the press release), and 22 venues. This certainly opens up a plethora of gameplay goodness. These numbers are nearly doubled from last year's wrestler. We'd like to hear more, but that's all we know for sure at this moment.

We do know that the fighting system has been refined and delivers an all-new experience from anything featured in its precursor. From what little gameplay we saw, it seems that this title will be more of a fighter/brawler, rather than an all-out wrestling game. We see a few grapples, which is Aki's name-sake to be sure, but mostly it's all punches and kicks. In the trailer, it also says that there are five fighting styles available. What are these fighting styles? Crouching-Tiger? Praying-Mantis? Bitch,-you-ain't-my-baby's-daddy? Either way, they look painful and brutally beautiful. Also newly implemented is a touched-upon weapons system. In the opening clip, we see a fighter beating a glass bottle against the opponent's face as it shatters. Not very friendly, but the effect looks polished and teases on what else can be used against your opponents.

word on the street

EA Sports Big has been quiet since the release of SSX 3. We've all been hearing that a Def Jam Vendetta sequel was in the works, but it was a surprise that EA Canada rather than EA Big would develop it. While they're necessarily the same studio, it's a little weird hearing that Big won't be any part of this. Is this the end of the label? We certainly hope not. Of course, tis is all speculation at this time. We'll probably hear more from Big maybe even before this title ships.

press release notes

"As the line between games and traditional forms of entertainment continues to blur, EA will continue to partner with strong brands like Def Jam to redefine the rules with innovative new titles like Def Jam Vendetta II," said Jeff Karp, Vice President of Marketing for EA.

"The Def Jam-EA relationship is once again on the forefront of industry-leading entertainment with Def Jam Vendetta II," added Kevin Liles, President and CEO, Def Jam. "By fusing hip-hop culture with innovative, addictive gameplay, Def Jam Vendetta II is the ultimate interactive hip hop lifestyle product. It redefines the gaming experience."


Information is limited and EA is definitely keeping their lips sealed as to what is going on with this title, but we'll keep our eyes peeled through the coming months and keep you up to date on all of the information related to this exciting new sequel. We'll most likely have updated impressions, and hopefully hands-on, by the time E3 rolls around. To round things, out the teaser left off with the logo and the big letters spelling out SEPTEMBER 2004. That's not too far from here, so hopefully they'll keep on it like they always do. For now, check out our full review of the original Def Jam Vendetta and if you haven't already, you should definitely check it out.

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