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February 9, 2004

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Ok, Iím not going to waste your time with stuff you already know. Yes, Crystal Chronicles is the first Square game on a Nintendo console in several years. And yes, it throws away the traditional RPG style of the main series. Letís forget about the back-story and just get to what you care about: How is the game? Does it really require the GBA-GC link cable for multiplayer? Is it a mindless action RPG like Gauntlet (sorry to any Gauntlet fans out there)? All these questions and more are about to answered, just in time for the U.S. release in February.



Square is well known for its excellent traditional RPGís, especially the Final Fantasy series. And while its action RPGís are definitely worth trying out, you usually donít think of them when you think Squaresoft (now Square-Enix I guess). But donít let that discourage you from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Its screen shots and trailers boast excellent graphical detail and special effects. The gameplay is superb, especially with four players. Even the single player game is worthwhile.

But Crystal Chronicles is not without troubles. The problem is that many of these flaws are beyond the developerís controls. Multiplayer is fun enough to replace Mario Party, Smash Brothers or even Soul Calibur 2, but since one GBA and one GBA-GC link cable is required for each player, eternal bliss does not come cheap. Since the game is a multiplayer action RPG, the story is not as deep as it would be had Crystal Chronicles been a traditional RPG.

But these problems are subjective. Do you have friends who have their own Game Boy Advances? Do you value a deep storyline over deep gameplay? In the ideal situation, youíll be playing Crystal Chronicleís insanely awesome four player mode with friends who are over often enough so that youíll be able to play the game when you want to.

word on the street

In Japan, the game is selling very well and has received many excellent reviews and awards. The biggest concern that everyone shares is the requirement of GBA-GC cables for multiplayer. Once that (rather large) obstacle is overcome, everyone finds themselves having a blast. Both its style and substance have been praised.

press release notes

  • Multiplayer will indeed require a GBA-GC link cable and a GBA for each player. Singleplayer will not require a GBA and GBA-GC link cable.
  • The game will be heavily populated by moogles. In the singleplayer game, a moogle carries your protective crystal for you, and you can paint its fur with designs. Moogle couriers also deliver mail to you at towns (your parents sometimes send gifts and money).
  • In the beginning of the game you pick a job class for your parents. The job class you pick will determine the types of gifts theyíll send you. For example, a blacksmith will forge swords for you when youíve sent him the necessary materials.
  • At the beginning of every level in multiplayer games, every player is assigned a different type of radar.
  • You can perform combo attacks by combining magic. Mixing different types of magic can produce surprising results!
  • The developers promise a 30 hour quest and plenty of replay value as no two quests will be the same.


If youíre undecided about whether you want FF:CC or not, ask your friends what they think. Ultimately, youíll be buying this game for the multiplayer. Keep in mind that there are many deals out there right now, including one that can get you a free GBA-GC link cable with the pre-order of FF:CC. So decide soon! Destiny awaits.

Staff Avatar Kwan Perng
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