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September 23, 2003

Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle

As we all know, different cultures embrace different household products. Sometimes when outsiders take a look at these products they canít help but think how it is possible for someone to actually have interest in these things! This is the case with Japanís novelty toy, the Beyblade. Remember how the yoyo was revived after being ignored for decades? Iím guessing this is the same case with Beyblades, which are actually a modern reincarnation ofÖtops. For those of you who donít remember, they are those colourful spinning objects that you got as prizes at arcades when you couldnít collect more than 5 tickets from those money-devouring machines.

Now, some Japanese marketing genius decided to take the idea of these new toys and turn them into an animated television show... and so Beyblades was born. (On a side note, apparently the association that regulates TV shows in Japan says that in every cartoon there must be numerous strangely-clad children with spiky hair, ranging anywhere from pink to dark purple... but I digress)

Beyblade turned out to be a huge hit; the 2nd highest-ranking kids program on cable, to be exact. So what came next for this rapidly growing franchise? A videogame, of course.


First of all, let me clear up what Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle is all about. You donít play with your every day tops, in fact they can be customized in many ways: Bit, Attack Ring, Weight Disk, Spin Gear and Blade Base. All these characteristics will influence the performance of your Beyblade during battle! Yes, thatís right, you donít simply watch your top spin but you also get to fight other blades in specially built arenas. Actually, they look like stadiums more than arenas. Why would thousands of people buy tickets to see tops hit each other? No idea, but letís move on.

To win your clashes in these specially built playing fields (one is magnetic for example, somehow making everything harder) you must knock down the Beyblade of your opponent and be the last top spinning. Upgrading and changing the five parts mentioned above will be fundamental for fights, which can include up to four players. Single-player, one-on-one, and Battle Royal modes are also available if you have no friends who are willing to take a spin with you.

Fans of the anime series will be glad to hear that Tyson, Kai, Ray, Max and others are playable characters. If youíre not satisfied with them, or their hair color, Atari (who bravely produced and developed this title) have also included an option to make your own Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle champion. You can choose amongst many variations for your toy top, so that you may find the fighting technique that besy fits your style. Another way to make the battle go your way is exploit your Bit Beast spirits. A beast such as a dragon or bear will come assist you within the Beyblade. Things will get pretty interesting when both players unleash their animalsÖI think.

From the Horseís Mouth

  • Bit Beasts spirits become raging animals who will help you with your battles.
  • Single player and multi-player modes available.
  • Popular Beyblade characters to be present and playable.
  • Stadiums with gates, magnets, and other interactive features.
  • Many options included for modifying characters and Beyblades.

Atari is being very courageous bringing Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle into the US and my very own European market. While I imagine it to be a great hit in the land of the rising sun, audiences will doubtfully respond to this new franchise here, which features a toy that has long been outdated. Nonetheless, marketing experts might have thought the same thing about PokŤmonÖ and look how successful that turned out to be. Maybe with a lot of advertisement, a deal that will bring the show to our cable; Beyblade might just infiltrate our market. If those two things donít occur, we have a complete failure on our hands.



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