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Climax Studios
Eidos Interactive
July 21, 2003

Italian Job

The Italian Job, the remake movie, is about Beautiful People.

The movie’s poster makes this fact quite obvious: The two most prominent figures are those of Mark Wahlberg (one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful in 1992) and Charlize Theron (one of the 50 Most Beautiful in 2000).

The Italian Job, the video game based on the remake movie, is about Beautiful Graphics, particularly Beautiful Cars. The game’s screenshots make this fact quite obvious. However, is this all that the game is about, or did developer Climax Studios give the game some personality to complement its good looks?


A glance at the above screenshots should tell you what type of game (racing) you’re getting with The Italian Job. A glance at the above screenshots, however, will not tell you what The Italian Job has to offer.

The title gives players the opportunity to engage in three modes of gameplay (and not four, as the Horse’s Mouth likes to think): Story Mode, Circuit Racing Mode, and Stunt Driving Mode.

In Story Mode, the player guides one of ten possible vehicles (such as a Mini Cooper, a muscle car, or even an armored truck) through 15 missions. These missions, however, aren’t cut from the usual mold, a mold that requires the player to commandeer a car over surface streets to race to a checkpoint. Quite the contrary. Depending on the mission, the player might have to control a careening car down flights of stairs or over a golf course.

In Circuit Racing Mode, the player may race the clock or a buddy (just one, as Climax Studios did not program the game for three- or four-player racing) on a variety of tracks.

In Stunt Driving Mode, the player... well, this is self-explanatory. Actually, look over the following section for further information on the glaring lack of information.

Word on the Street
It’s been suggested that the Stunt Driving Mode will put players on obstacle courses; neither publisher Eidos nor developer Climax Studios, however, have confirmed this claim.

In addition, it seems a given that players will be able to retrieve hidden vehicles; after all, doing so is a racing game staple, and it does not appear that Climax Studios is trying to reinvent the genre.

From the Horse’s Mouth
Charlie Croker and his gang are left for dead in Venice after being double-crossed during one of the biggest gold heists ever. Taking on the role of Charlie and his gang members, you must wreak vengeance on the man who betrayed you and reclaim the gold.

Recapture the high-octane thrills of the 2003 blockbuster movie by creating the largest traffic jam in L.A. history and attempting your escape in super-charged MINI Coopers.

  • The Italian Job is Paramount Pictures’ contemporary re-make of the 1969 cult classic film of the same name. The film’s all-star cast includes: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Donald Sutherland, Seth Green, Mos Def and Jason Statham.
  • Tear through subway stations, rip apart golf courses and plow through storm drains with the cops hot on your tail.
  • Race through L.A. driving 10 different vehicles from MINI Coopers to muscle cars.
  • Master four action-packed modes including death-defying stunt driving, intense circuit racing, multiplayer madness (two-player) and story mode based on the movie’s gripping plot.
  • Cutting-edge graphics engine running at a constant 60 fps with highly detailed textures and spectacular graphical effects.
  • Exhilarating car handling and realistic damage model including body deformation and component removal.
  • Bonus features including movie footage, concept art and more.

From the looks of it, The Italian Job has the personality. As with all racing titles, though, the question to end all questions is “Does the game play (control) well?” Unfortunately, neither Eidos nor Climax Studios have made public a playable version, so the question’s unanswerable – for now, anyway.

Check back in a month or so for not only an answer, but a full review as well.



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