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Retro Studios

Metroid Prime

Original Preview
based on the Demo Version from E3 2001
by Aizaz Akram

Samus has finally returned! The moment Metroid fans have waited for is finally here, and the experience will be unlike anything ever before seen.

All the elements that made Metroid a classic- massive map exploration, a supercharged arsenal, incredible moves, huge bosses- are back, along with all-new features befitting the new generation of gameplay.

The awesome power of NINTENDO GAMECUBE lifts the Metroid world to new heights of super-realism with real-time lighting and particle effects, pyrotechnic weapons and monsters you have to see to believe.

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Update 02/22/02
Screenshot Impressions of the Version in Progress from Retro Studios
by Gordon Distin III

We can divine much from the single new 'visor view' screenshot that surfaced recently. Exposed at either edge of the screen is what looks like a cross-pad control module: A central icon with four satellites. Previous visor screen shots show a single square on each side. The left-hand cross looks like selectable cross hairs; the right-hand, like a series of 'palms' with the 'fingers' oriented differently.

The left-hand crosshair module could be a 'view control,' or even, 'visor select.' Remember that X-ray view beam from Super Metroid? Samus could fit her new (old?) suit with several visors that would convey several types of data, infra-red, x-ray, and the like, accumulated through the course of her new adventure. Some of the previous visor shots include the text "COMBAT VISOR" at the top of the screen; some do not. It is unclear whether this difference is intentional or merely succeeding builds of the visor interface. The visor selection could even incorporate a targeting system unique to each view.

The strange 'palm' icons on the left hand appear to be Retro's clever way of distinguishing different weapons for Samus' arm-cannon. Different fingers, different weapon.

The on-screen crosspad orientation indicates that these functions will be controlled by the digital pad and face action buttons. This hints that Metroid Prime uses both analog buttons for movement,much the way Halo does. Subsequently,

Control Stick: Forward/Backward, Left/Right Strafing
C Stick: "View" control and aiming
Crosspad: "Visor" select
Action Buttons: Weapon select
L: Jump
R: Weapon Trigger
Z: Third/First Person Toggle
Start: Menu/Inventory/Map/Pause

... would be a plausible control scheme. The new Third Person shot looks to retain the View characteristics of the visor-shot: the energy bar still curved, as if on glass. There are no other visual clues to third person control in that shot, though I'd imagine (for game fluidity) it'd be similar, if not identical, to first person.

I feel it now... blasting a nascent Metroid with the Ice cannon, leaping and switching to Missles mid-jump, blasting away...

Word on the Street

While there was some initial apprehension over Metroid Prime being played from a first-person perspective and Retro's status as a team and company wavering, it seems gamers have warmed up to the title. We have reason to believe, as well, that if the rumors are true, Nintendo itself is ensuring that Retro is currently gelling much better than compared to its gossip-ridden tabloid stories of last year. For the first person-view haters, there's also that other rumor about that other GCN Metroid game...

From the Horse's Mouth

Here is what we do know about Metroid Prime. It will be a first-person 3D adventure game, starring the female bounty hunter Samus Aran. Recent screen shots of Samus suggest that a third-person view is used when Samus uses the Morph Ball to drop bombs, but this information has not been confirmed.

What we can confirm from screen shot speculation is that the enemies in Metroid Prime will be satisfyingly grotesque. Samus is no stranger to hordes of horrible space monsters, and Metroid Prime will deliver more of the same. The current release date for Metroid Prime is listed as 2002, with no specific day or month announced. Metroid Prime will be exclusively available on Nintendo GameCube.


Should NOA provide a playable version of Metroid Prime at this year's E3, we may find the newest entry in the bounty hunter series on store shelves this November. See you next mission, space cowgirl!



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