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Game Boy Advance
Japan: July 13

bit Generations: Boundish

If you're a Pong fanatic looking to mix it up a bit, look no further. No variation on Pong is too off-the-wall for Boundish. Boundish features five different courts, each with its own set of rules: Pool Flower, Box Juggling, Power Slider, Human League and Wild Go Round.


Human League Wild Go Round


Pool Flower takes you underwater to hit the ball back and forth. There, if you hit one of the bubbles of various sizes, you convert it to your own color, either red or blue. It is unclear whether or not a count of your colored bubbles plays into score tally. Liberated somewhat from Pong's 1D edge control, in Pool Flower mode players can move in two dimensions, forward and backward and up and down.

Box Juggling is just that. A decidedly crab-like human character moves left and right along the bottom of the screen, trying to keep as many boxes in the air for as long as possible. A floating tally drifts through the background keeping track of the number of tosses. As in Super Mario games, question mark boxes contain power-up items, the one shown on the mini-site being a helmet. Different colored boxes yield different point values.

Power Slider looks like a cross between one-on-one ice hockey and curling. You move along the edge of overlapping circles, returning a puck back and forth across the ice. But here's the catch: like curling, dimples in the ice (represented by gray dots) appear over time, warping the otherwise straight path of the puck, making its location increasingly difficult to predict.

Human League looks the most like traditional Pong, but with two paddle-people per player. That's right, the paddles are people, with linear arms and legs stretching laughably to the borders of the screen. Beyond a backup, why would you ever want to use the second paddle-person? The first paddle is the silent type; the second shouts humorous retorts for each return, including, "HOO!, HA!, RAAAA!" and "YEEEE!," giving some incentive for players to live a little more dangerously and use their second, backup paddles.

Wild Go Round pits you at the edge of a circular record. The record is spun faster or slower as players move along its edge, taking turns returning the ball. The interesting twist here is that the spinning surface of the record realistically alters the path of the ball rolling across it.

In all modes except Box Juggling you can choose to play against the CPU or a human opponent (provided both have a GBA with wireless capability). The mini-site mentions "download", but it is unclear at this time whether or not both players need a copy of the game to go head to head.

word on the street

Don't read any Japanese? Not a problem. You won't be able to read the instruction manual, but you likely won't have to. The premises here are extremely basic, and a little trial and error will reveal specific button controls. As with all games in the bit Generations series, what minimal text exists by way of main titles and headings is all in English and numbers in familiar Arabic style.

press release notes

Dots and lines, colors and sounds. bit Generations.

  • Dotstream
  • Boundish
  • Dialhex
  • Coloris
  • Orbital
  • Digidrive
  • Soundvoyager


The bit Generations software experiment by Nintendo is looking to reveal the roots of fun gameplay through simple, accessible design. All games in the series are retro-hip with little to no Japanese in them; yet they won't officially reach western shores for months to come, if at all. Intrigued? Why wait? Import!

Staff Avatar Paul Starke
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"In Japan this was named a 'trouble bug.' (...Is it really a bug?)"

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