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Symphonian Wonder: Redux

Symphonian Wonder: Redux
Interviewee(s): Tara Samuels, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Last month Nintendojo interviewed Nao Higo, the localization producer of Tales of Symphonia, with some basic questions about the game. However, due to time constraints, several important questions were left out. Tara Samuels, a personal friend of mine, is here to fill in some of the previous gaps, with some great information you won't want to miss!

Nintendojo: Alright, first things first -- do you have a favorite “Tales” game out of all the titles in the series?

Namco: Symphonia!

ND: Do you think most gamers/fans will enjoy Tales of Symphonia even more than previous incarnations?

Namco: Tales of Symphonia is just what RPG and GameCube fans have been looking for. A very deep storyline with lots of plot twists, a new battle system that incorporates 3D into the traditional Tales action battle system, endearing characters, and up to 4 player cooperative battles.

ND: Exactly how text-intensive is Tales of Symphonia?

Namco: TOS has over 100,000 lines of dialogue - and over 10,000 of which is spoken in voiceovers.

ND: In our own mailbag precisely half of the recent letters contain some sort of reference or question related to Tales of Symphonia. Why do you think so much pre-hype has already been generated in the Nintendo community, despite the fact that Namco’s related marketing blitz has yet to occur?

Namco: I think it just goes to show how RGP-starved GameCube fans are. That, and the people who are familiar with the Tales franchise are rightfully excited about a high-quality title with real-time battle. There is definitely a lot to be excited about.

ND: Presuming Tales of Symphonia sells well, is it at all likely that Namco will convert additional Tales titles, such as the first game in the series that was never released in North America? The Game Boy Advance is ripe and ready for a new RPG!

Namco: There are several (extremely) promising Tales titles currently in production in Japan. These titles are very innovative -- I think fans would agree it would be better to bring the newer Tales titles to the US rather than porting one of the previous titles. Having said that, we are still considering which titles it makes sense to bring over. Stay tuned!

ND: Namco has another GameCube exclusive RPG, Baten Kaitos, deep into production. Are you at all involved with that?

Namco: Baten Kaitos is being localized in Japan, although I have seen the game. It has a very unique battle system that is easy to learn but at the same time is very deep. The battle system makes use of "Magnus cards" that it has incorporated the element of time.

ND: Again, thank you very much for your time. We look forward to playing TOS at E3 and this July!

Namco: Sure thing!

Based on the robust sales of Tales of Symphonia -- with nigh a copy in site -- the fact that Namco (see above) is evaluating the possibility of bringing further Tales titles stateside (such as the Japan-announced Tales of Legendia and Tales of Rebirth), is a very good sign. Be sure to stay with us here at Nintendojo for all your news needs!

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