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Wii Weather Channel Updates More Frequently
Joshua Johnston 3/22/2008, 5:10pm Eastern Time

Shortly after Wii’s launch in November 2006, Nintendo unveiled a pair of informational channels to Wii’s menu: the Weather Channel, launched in December 2006, and the News Channel, launched in January 2007. The News Channel, powered by the Associated Press, provided news from around the world, including occasional photos, and was updated once every two hours.

The Wii Weather Channel, powered by Weathernews, was a different matter. Although it included a cool novelty in the form of a spinnable “globe,” the site was filled with shortcomings. Not the least of these problems was the fact that the channel often reported conditions that were several hours out of date. It was not uncommon, for example, to see cold nighttime weather conditions for a city that was in the midst of a warm day.

Apparently that problem has been, to a certain extent, fixed. Although there has been no official announcement from either Nintendo or Weathernews, it appears that the weather is now updating more frequently on the channel. A little bit of tracking by Nintendojo found that most of the current weather conditions on the channel were updating once every two hours. This brings the channel into line more with the pace of service available on the Wii News Channel and makes it somewhat more competitive with other weather source outlets currently on the market.

Other problems with the channel, including an absence of the temperature on the Wii main menu, an underwhelming number of cities to choose from, and the inability to see five-day forecasts on cities abroad, all remain unresolved.

Source: Nintendojo

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