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LEGO Zelda Headed to Wii
Joshua Johnston 4/1/2007, 7:19am Eastern Time

NOTE: this article was Nintendojo's foray into the annual April Fool's Day tradition of fanciful games and wild ideas. (It was also a bit of wishful thinking -- get on it, Nintendo!)

It’s been a week of big surprises courtesy of Traveller’s Tales. First came the unexpected announcement of LEGO Batman earlier this week. Now Wii owners are in for a second -- and even more astonishing -- dose of LEGO, this time in the form of LEGO Legend of Zelda.

According to Nintendo, the game will feature the same gameplay used in previous LEGO games. Taking a cue from LEGO Star Wars, Telma’s Bar (originally seen in Twilight Princess) will serve as a hub of activity from which a player can visit different locations in Hyrule. Nintendo reports that Zora’s Domain, Death Mountain, and the Temple of Time are just some of the more than twenty locations that will be available.

In another nod to previous LEGO titles, players will have the option of two-player cooperative gameplay. Players will be able to choose between Link, who wields the Master Sword, or Princess Zelda, who uses a Bow of Light -- and for the first time ever in a Zelda title, two players can control them simultaneously. As was the case in LEGO Star Wars, players will be able to drop in and out of the game at any time. Nintendo also hinted at segments involving horseback riding, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

Nintendo did not say anything about extras, but if past LEGO titles are any indication, don't be surprised to see unlockable characters and costumes from the Zelda universe. (This Nintendojo writer is holding out hope for the Fierce Deity.) Nintendo has also not said whether the game will support online co-op or how the Wii remote’s motion-sensitive abilities will be used.

LEGO Legend of Zelda is currently scheduled for a Q4 2007 release date. More on this exciting story as it develops.

Source: None. (We made it up.)

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