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What Controllers Work With Virtual Console?
Aaron Roberts 11/4/2006, 9:55am Eastern Time

A recent Computer And Video Games interview with Nintendo Europe reveals some more info about the Virtual Console.

According to the article, Virtual Console games stored on external memory cards cannot be transferred to another Wii, because each is encoded with a specific Wii's signature. However, if a user has to delete a game from his memory to free up space, it can be downloaded again later free of charge.

Regarding controllers, it was confirmed that while only the GameCube controllers will work with GameCube games -- the Wii Classic controller will not work with them -- the Classic controller, the GameCube controller, and the freehand remote by itself will all work for games on the Virtual Console. The remote, when turned on its side, will function as a NES Control Pad, while other games which would require more more input would utilize the other two. Games which require a specific type of input -- meaning analog control -- won't work unless that input is available. Also, there is an order of priority for controllers, if several are hooked up at once. The remote takes first priority, then the Classic controller, then GCN controllers or Wavebirds.

The interview also reveals that each Virtual Console game will have its own virtual manual, which will be included in the download, and that Wii points can be purchased directly through the Wii itself, should players be unable to get ahold of a Wii points card.

Source: Computer And Video Games

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