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Update: DVD-Capable Wii Happening, in Japan
Aaron Roberts 10/31/2006, 8:29am Eastern Time

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that a DVD-capable version of Wii will be available for Japanese consumers.

"There are currently plans to release a version of Wii in Japan featuring DVD playback," says a Nintendo representative. "There are currently no plans to bring this model to Europe or the US."

Nintendo neither confirmed nor denied the fact that CNN might be providing news content for Wii's news channel, merely stating that no announcement regarding the content had been made.

ORIGINAL STORY: Rumor has it that the latest Edge dishes some new Wii info, the most surprising of which is that Nintendo may be planning to release an updated Wii console that supports DVD playback.

While Nintendo originally planned for the console to play DVD videos, the company later decided to remove the functionality to save on costs, much the same as it did with the GameCube. There was a DVD-playing GameCube variant in Japan called the "Q" which was developed in conjunction with Panasonic, but it never made it across the Pacific.

Other tidbits from the magazine apparently states that CNN will be providing all of the news for Wii's News Channel, though whether this will be similar to CNN's home page or a new kind of interactive news browsing experience is unknown. Sega is reportedly also moving teams off PLAYSTATION 3 development to Wii.


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