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Wii Compatibility With WaveBird, GC Controller Clarified
M. Noah Ward 9/28/2006, 12:43pm Eastern Time

Unsure how well WaveBirds and old GameCube controllers will operate with Wii, we sought clarification from our Nintendo contacts to better know what to expect. We can now exclusively confirm the following.

  • WaveBirds and GameCube controllers can be used with all GameCube games and select Wii Disc games. (Emphasis ours.)
  • WaveBirds are used as Nintendo GameCube controllers, so they need to use the receivers.
  • The WaveBird receiver does indeed fit into the top of Wii.
  • WaveBird and GameCube controller compatibility with Virtual Console games has not been announced. Nintendo will release more details about Virtual Console games and controls closer to launch.

Most significant is confirmation that certain Wii games will be compatible with the GameCube and WaveBird controller. Earlier this year at Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl Press Conference, the game's director Masahiro Sakurai expressed difficulty getting the upcoming title's gameplay to mesh well with Wii's remote, and advised the audience to not throw away their GameCube controllers. Nintendo has not announced any Wii titles that will feature GameCube controller compatibility, but based on Sakurai's statement, Brawl may be a likely candidate.

Other points to consider are that in spite of Wii's multi-faceted wireless internet and networking capabilities, WaveBirds will still need their old receivers to work. Also, a lack of clarification, rather than complete denial, on whether WaveBirds or GameCube controllers will be compatible with Virtual Console titles is an interesting idea for Nintendo fans to ponder.

Source: Nintendo via GolinHarris

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