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Nintendo to Release New Wi-Fi, Touch! Offering
Dave Magliano 7/27/2006, 8:49am Eastern Time

Nintendo announced today the non-gamer friendly 42 All-Time Classics for Nintendo DS. As the name suggests, 42 All-Time Classics is made up of 42 classic parlor, bar and table games. The games use the touch screen for control, and will be branded under Nintendo's Touch! Generations line of software.

The 42 all-time classics in 42 All-Time Classics range from bridge and backgammon to billiards and bowling, with chess, poker and darts also announced. Multiplayer games will be playable through both single- and multi-card play as well as over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Online play features the use of a PictoChat-styled chat program, allowing players to send messages to one another during games.

Currently, 42 All-Time Classics is only officially announced for Europe, but Nintendo Europe's website says that owners can play against opponents "across Europe and in the US." 42 All-Time Classics releases in Europe September 29. We will bring you any North American release details as soon as they arrive.

Source: Nintendo Europe

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