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We're looking for new writers and editors to join our team in covering Nintendo hardware and games as well as the video games industry. We have great opportunities in a variety of positions.


  1. Media Editor Our current media editor Ryan Galloway is leaving a great legacy for his predecessor to build upon. And with our upcoming redesign, being Media Editor will hold even more exciting creative opportunities.
  2. News Writers Beyond our editors, we need writers dedicated to covering news, press releases and rumors related to Nintendo and the game industry. Our news writers will also participate in News Team analysis specials and have columnist opportunities.
  3. General Writers If you're a thoughtful, fantastic writer, we're happy to augment our team with more brilliant folks. General writers are chiefly responsible for reviews and previews, though many of our memorable columns are also penned by the same folks. Our current preference is for new news writers over general writers, but if you have solid skills and really want to be a general writer, we'll definitely consider you.
  4. International Writers For over a dozen years, Nintendojo has been augmented by many international correspondents and columnists. If you live in a country other than the U.S., we'd love to have you on board. Just follow the General Writer application requests as well as whatever's listed in the DISCLAIMER below.


  1. Only serious inquiries apply.
  2. All applicants must...
    • Have a solid grasp of the English language and grammar.
    • Be able to do independent research.
    • Have general knowledge of the industry, especially relating to Nintendo.
    • Be enthusiastic about games and Nintendo as a company and developer.
    • Have access to AOL Instant Messenger and a personal email address.
  3. Nintendojo is a volunteer fansite dedicated to the coverage of Nintendo and all Nintendo systems and their games. We do not get paid to do what we do -- we do this in our free time for the love of doing it. Sometimes there are perks associated with a position here such as free games (for reviewing purposes), advance knowledge of gaming industry information, and the ability to attend game media conventions and conferences. Do note it's best if you don't have any of those items as your primary motivation to apply, or else you may end up disappointing both us and yourself.
  4. Nintendojo does not provide its staffers with game consoles, video games, computer hardware/software, or traveling/lodging expenses. All of the aforementioned must be provided by the successful applicant without financial assistance.
  5. While we are looking to fill positions as soon as possible, we have no application deadline and may suspend the hiring call without notice.
  6. We cannot guarantee we will be able to respond to each and every application received. Therefore we will only be sending responses to applicants we are considering hiring.
  7. Your application will be going to a email account and you will receive correspondence from that same account if we are interested in you.
  8. All new hires will be subject to a probationary period, the length and terms of which will be disclosed at hire.

To apply, send an email by clicking on the appropriate links below making sure to include the following information in the body of the email as well as individual items requested in the position descriptions lower down:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location (City, State or Province and Country)
  • The position you're applying for
  • The number of hours can you put towards your position in a week
  • Unless stated otherwise, a sample review and/or preview of a game(s) of your choice following the respective format of those stories on Nintendojo. Be sure to note all sources used for reference.
  • Additional requirements as listed per position below.

Media Editor
1 Position Available

A position where writing is optional and not required. Instead you'll be in charge of formatting screenshots for game previews and media updates, generating box art, and creating promotional graphics for our top stories, interviews and Nintendojo specials. Nintendojo will be getting redesigned soon, and the amount of graphical highlights we'll need will also grow, providing greater opportunities for you to express your creativity in promoting our content, as well as providing graphics support in our soon-to-launch forums.


  • Must be proficient and own a copy of a major graphics editing program such as Adobe Photoshop with which to create graphics, screens, and boxart.
  • Must have an eye for detail and ability to generate attractive promotional graphics utilizing existing game art and logos.
  • Must have creative flair and ability to create unique, new promotional graphics, textures and logos not based on existing game art.
  • Must be familiar with basic graphic editing concepts such as opacity and masks.
  • Must be skillful in isolating artwork within an image for application in different images.
  • Must be reliable and available during nightly updates.
  • Experience with Flash and/or coding CSS layouts a plus.

Please Submit:

  1. Go to the website for Konami's webpage for Castlevania Judgment and select four screenshots of the game. Resize the first three to 160 pixels wide by 120 pixels high and include them in your application. On the fourth one, resize it to 241 pixels wide by 180 pixels high and overlay the game's logo over it.
  2. Create an alternative "tout graphic" to this story. The posted tout graphic for this story can be seen here. Attach your tout graphic to your application email.
  3. Submit any other creative graphic examples or links displaying your work online at other websites.
  4. Please submit your application to here as a text email.

News Writers
2 - 3 Positions Available

You: always interested in the facts, you are a bloodthirsty news hound that visits several news sites a day for game industry news, and possibly has one or several video game magazine subscriptions, if not daily email news subscriptions. You have to feel on top of the latest developments in the gaming industry, not just Nintendo. You relish rumors and breaking news, but take questionable items with a grain of salt. You want all the information you can get and are eager to share it in a black and white manner: in other words... without editorializing. You will get to exercise your opinion, however, in special analysis stories.


  • Must have time, energy, and enthusiasm to write news stories on a daily basis, in the least Monday through Friday.
  • Must be able to take news story assignments as needed.
  • Must be able to rewrite a press release into a news story.
  • Must be able to write at a quality level that requires little to no copy editing.
  • Must be able to write a news story with no opinion or editorializing interjected.

Please Submit:

  1. Items requested in DISCLAIMER above.
  2. A sample news story written around a recent headline that would be fit to post to Nintendojo immediately.
  3. Rewrite an official Nintendo press release as a news story fit to post on Nintendojo immediately.
  4. Please submit your application to here as a text email.

General Writer
1 - 2 Positions Available

You: Just itching to jump feet-first into this online fansite thing, you're ready to write a preview, a review, an editorial, a column, or a news story. Like most people on the staff already, you're a swiss army knife of content. You may be all about consoles, all about handhelds, or all about both types of machines-- we're looking for all flavors.


  • Must have time, energy, and enthusiasm to write a variety of story types as needed or assigned.
  • Must have good self discipline and demonstrate consistent reliability.
  • Must be able to participate in staff round tables and other specials.

Please Submit:

  1. Items requested in DISCLAIMER above.
  2. A statement of which consoles/portables you own and intend to write content for.
  3. A sample preview or review (you may choose a game already covered on ND) that follows the format of ND's previews and reviews. Please check out our archives before drafting something: previews | reviews. If you choose to submit a preview, you do not have to include screenshots of the game you write about.
  4. Please submit your application to here as a text email.

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